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A tool with a heavy metal head mounted at right angles at the end of a handle, used for jobs such as breaking things and driving in nails.
  1. 'Most of the project requires basic wood-working tools - a circular saw, a saber saw, an electric drill, a hammer, and a nail set.'
  2. 'Although the small shop houses a grinder-buffer, drill, bench sander and electric saw, most of the tools are primitive looking hammers, mallets and anvils.'
  3. 'It wasn't until early last fall that I actually pulled it out of the plastic tub that houses my hammer, nails, and other unused tools.'
  4. 'In addition to Mike's skill and knowledge on the golf course, he's pretty handy with a hammer and nails and has quite a selection of tools in the garage.'
  5. 'They have nail guns, hammers, drills, the whole lot; everything they need to facilitate the destruction.'
  6. 'Use a ball-peen hammer or a block of wood and a nail hammer to knock the tool head out of the ferule on the handle.'
  7. 'Much of the work is done manually using basic tools like hammers, shovels, axes and mammoties, a spade-like implement common throughout Sri Lanka.'
  8. 'They would also have used tools such as planes, axes, adzes, draw knives, wedges, knives, chisels, hammers, mallets, awls, gouges, and spoon augers (a type of drill).'
  9. 'I moved on to the engine room and took a good look around the engine and workshop area, which still held tools, spanners and hammers!'
  10. 'To drill through the tile you will need a hammer, a nail set, an electric drill and a masonry bit a little larger than the diameter of the screws you use.'
  11. 'Shaw points out that hydraulic hammers and pulverizer attachments have allowed them to pick up demolition work on bridges and commercial and industrial buildings.'
  12. 'Worrall's book is a warning to anyone lured by the auctioneer's hammer.'
  13. 'Before I knew it my arm flew up, the auctioneer banged the hammer down and she was mine!'
  14. 'City fans will be given a chance to get hold of their own piece of football history when items from Maine Road go under the auctioneer's hammers.'
  15. 'On the other hand, Debussy seems at times to call for a delicacy beyond the capability of fingers or for a piano which has no hammers at all.'
  16. 'The safety also blocks the hammer from contact with the firing pin.'
A metal ball of about 7 kg attached to a wire for throwing in an athletic contest.
  1. 'He towered above others and could throw the hammer to a distance of around 190 feet.'
  2. 'Aidan Kelly scored top points when finishing in 1st place in the hammer with a throw of 36.24.'
  3. 'There is also a track surface to provide a run-up for the javelin meaning the only disciplines the facility cannot currently play host to is the hammer and pole vault.'
  4. 'We are very strong here in Sligo on the track, but quite weak in some field events such as pole vault, high jump and hammer.'
  5. 'In the under-17 events, James Nagle won gold in the hammer and shot putt contests.'
  1. 'The drum vibrates with the sound and rattles three small bones: the hammer, anvil and stirrup.'


Hit or beat (something) repeatedly with a hammer or similar object.
  1. 'Jesus is flung on the rough timber and iron spikes are hammered through his hands and feet.'
  2. 'No one here is hammering a list of demands on a church door.'
  3. 'We heard the rhythmic pounding as the spear points were hammered onto shafts of ash wood.'
  4. 'Toe plates are then cut from sheet metal, and pieces of iron are hammered and twisted into shape to form soles and heels.'
  5. 'It's difficult to have a chilled and relaxed weekend when it's accompanied by the sound of Dominic hammering floorboards, Dominic hammering walls, Dominic hammering doors and window frames.'
  6. 'The best type of helm was hammered and raised out of a single piece of iron and was therefore stronger than a riveted one.'
  7. 'As a boy he was taught to read by feeling upholstery studs hammered into pieces of wood in the shapes of letters and numbers.'
  8. 'That way when you are hammering the post spike you are hitting the wooden post piece, not the metal.'
  9. 'Far off to his left, he could hear Em and the Marns boy hammering planks to the tree.'
  10. 'Joe and Serena are talking about their new loves when Paul hammers the door down demanding to know why she graffitied his wall.'
  11. 'The surgeon then packs cement along the distal femur and hammers the femoral implant into place.'
  12. 'Of course that first thing that sprang to mind was lockjaw, but I've not been hammering any rusty nails recently, so it's unlikely.'
  13. with object 'he hammered the ball wildly over the crossbar'
  14. 'Both Mr Noble and Mr Roper then hammered on the room doors along the corridor to rouse other guests before dashing upstairs to wake people on the top floor.'
  15. 'On a coffee table in their sitting room stood two cups of cold coffee and the remains of two cream cakes - all that was left of the snack they abandoned last night when a neighbour hammered on their door and told them they had to get out.'
  16. 'The girlfriend, Peggy, knocks on the door of the room where Lemmon is furiously hammering away on his typewriter.'
  17. 'The equaliser came in the final minute when Lee Buggie latched onto a throughball and hammered a shot past the keeper.'
  18. 'People hammered on train doors and screamed to get out, while crowds in the station ran in all directions, protecting their heads, to get away from the chaos.'
  19. 'However, I broke the silence as I hammered on the door to attract attention.'
  20. 'Played in ideal conditions the Charlestown lads settled quickly and took the lead through David Caffrey who beat three players before hammering the ball to the net.'
  21. 'However Waterford were soon back on the attack and Fitzgerald went close once more as he hammered a right foot shot off the crossbar with Devlin beaten.'
  22. 'Both men hammered on the rooms along the corridor to rouse other guests.'
  23. 'He hammers away at the keys, periodically ripping the paper out of the machine, thrusting it into the hands of whichever cabinet minister has drawn the short straw, and gasping, ‘here, give them this.’'
  24. 'We keep hammering away at these shortfalls in our system.'
  25. 'Still, current events are relentlessly hammering away at the idea that ethnicity can and should be the foundation of nationality.'
  26. 'And we'll take you live to the Scott Peterson murder trial where prosecutors are hammering away on his character.'
  27. 'I continue to hammer away at the importance of public broadcasting, and the importance of saving our book publishing industry.'
  28. 'Depends on the effectiveness of the Democrats at hammering away at that issue.'
  29. 'The flashpoint of debate and controversy is the status of women, and Makhmalbaf's films, along with those of his wife and daughter, continue to hammer away at this theme.'
  30. 'After hammering away through ruck after ruck, an Eric Miller surge caught the English offside and Humphreys kicked the precious points.'
  31. 'Yeah, but you don't see the media hammering away at that issue.'
  32. 'They amassed a further 47 points without reply and were still hammering away at what remained of the shreds of Italy's defence even as the clock ticked into injury time.'
  33. 'You're going to see the prosecution hammering away at the Modesto Police Department throughout this entire process.'
  34. 'The deal is simple, and he hammers it in more specifically: ‘Do not play with our security, and spontaneously you will secure yourself.’'
  35. 'If Democrats don't soon begin to strongly support serious movement to renewable energy sources - including hammering the idea in the corporate media - then Republicans may do just that.'
Attack or criticize forcefully and relentlessly.
  1. 'Unfortunately we are hammered by the Government if we don't do anything - and by the public if we do.'
  2. 'Some of the critics in the county who had hammered Corkery for more than a decade were lining up Masters as their next legitimate target.'
  3. 'The press in America have hammered him for not winning any of the last four, but I would like to have that problem.'
  4. 'They just attacked me, hammered me at the book signing.'
  5. 'Health professionals are mobilising to condemn the government, propose major structural reforms, and hammer the ineffectual minister.'
  6. 'It seemed harsh to hammer him for following what must have been an agreed policy and harsher still when he was forced to play on the retreat all afternoon.'
  7. 'He got five years for the fraud that never happened, and the system seemed eager to hammer him.'
  8. 'The author has been hammered by critics into a tiny ball of bloody gunk over the last few months.'
  9. 'This is the first time I've ever had a case where in a shoplifting situation somebody has been hammered this relentlessly.'
  10. 'It looks like the Republicans are planning on hammering him on that one.'
  11. 'they hammered St Mirren 4–0'
  12. 'We beat them 21-6 and England hammered them 53-3, and it was a real low point for them.'
  13. 'In previous years you might have a slip-up and get badly beaten by Kilkenny - well, everybody thought they were going to hammer us anyway.'
  14. 'Although Skolars were hammered by a record score in the last game against Batley, Moorby is still taking the game seriously.'
  15. 'Canada bowed out in the tournament's first round after getting hammered by Norway and Russia.'
  16. 'Swinging early and connecting often, the Giants hammered Curt Schilling and Brian Anderson in the first two games.'
  17. 'The Fife side hammered their opponents 4-1 at Central Park while the Hampden side slipped up again with a goalless draw against Brechin City at Glebe Park.'
  18. 'The weakened side were hammered 62-2 and they could face another beating this week unless some players choose to return.'
  19. 'After a week off Town's A team got back to action with a bang hammering Harlow with ten goals and did their goal difference a power of good.'
  20. 'We've played against teams that have been worse than that and they've hammered us by more.'
  21. 'Last season he hammered Lancashire for three centuries in the championship and league clashes at Old Trafford - and finished up a double loser.'
Beat down the price of (a stock)
  1. 'The big reason investors aren't hammering buyers' stocks: Most acquirers have become cautious about not overpaying.'
  2. 'If it is, then BA's earnings and share price will be hammered.'
  3. 'The share price got hammered because Irish shareholders are net sellers in the long run.'
Declare (a person or company) a defaulter.
  1. 'Such a member is said to be "hammered," and his name is struck off the list.'

proper noun

A British film company founded in 1948, known especially for its horror films.

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    1. a tool consisting of a solid head, usually of metal, set crosswise on a handle, used for beating metals, driving nails, etc.

    2. any of various instruments or devices resembling this in form, action, or use, as a gavel, a mallet for playing the xylophone, or a lever that strikes the bell in a doorbell.

    3. Firearms. the part of a lock that by its fall or action causes the discharge, as by exploding the percussion cap or striking the primer or firing pin; the cock.

    4. one of the padded

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    "people can be hammer on doors."

    "people can be hammer."


    Old English hamor, hamer, of Germanic origin: related to Dutch hamer, German Hammer, and Old Norse hamarr ‘rock’. The original sense was probably ‘stone tool’.


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