Adjective "hamfisted" definition and examples

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Clumsy; bungling.
  1. 'Manufacturers, pubs and bars are eager to head off what one industry insider said could become ‘some ham-fisted attempt to clamp down’.'
  2. 'It was an attempt - ham-fisted, but an attempt nevertheless - to interpret, in some Van Daniken kind of way, some of the phenomena, especially in the Old Testament.'
  3. 'There's something endearingly gauche and ham-fisted about the way in which this tune a-l-m-o-s-t succeeds as a Stock Aitken Waterman soundalike, but ultimately just falls short.'
  4. 'Were it otherwise, it would remain at best a ham-fisted attempt to to ‘objectify’ the unalterably subjective.'
  5. 'Its ham-fisted attempts to modernise the service plunged the post office network into crisis.'
  6. 'WorldCom's in a big mess, and many of you have questions about it, so I thought that I would, in my ham-fisted, amateur way, attempt to answer them.'
  7. 'This is what separates the professional from us ham-fisted beer guzzling amateurs.'
  8. 'It was a ham-fisted attempt which was doomed to failure.'
  9. 'But the move was seen by opposition critics as a ham-fisted attempt to have his cake and eat it.'
  10. 'It's sort of like watching Leo X's inept and ham-fisted dealings with Martin Luther.'


1. clumsy, inept, or heavy-handed: a ham-handed approach to dealing with people that hurts a lot of feelings.

More examples(as adjective)

"pigeonholings can be hamfisted."