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Covered with dirt; grimy.
  1. 'Yes they are a bit grubby at times but that was my only concern.'
  2. 'Who knows, I might even wash the car, which is looking decidedly grubby.'
  3. 'He explained how life on the march was pretty grubby and smelly.'
  4. 'How shocking, then, to see this once-magnificent interior reduced to a shabby, grubby mess.'
  5. 'Love is marred by the grubby ring he left round the bath, the dirty pants on the bedroom floor, the washing you asked him to hang out left screwed up in the washing machine.'
  6. 'But the wax has dripped all over the place, leaving some seats looking rather grubby.'
  7. 'I was met at the door by a small, benign looking lady in a slightly grubby white coat.'
  8. 'For eleven months its grubby surface was covered by a makeshift blue wall, screening the leisurely metamorphosis behind.'
  9. 'Shabby, grubby and stale, even visiting friends from other shared houses would wonder out loud how we could tolerate living there.'
  10. 'Babies are, of course, far happier in a grubby jumpsuit covered in mud and drool than in a frilly dress festooned with ribbons.'
  11. 'the grubby business of selling arms'
  12. 'In truth, I came away from the date feeling a bit grubby.'
  13. 'What does any of this all-consuming grubby affair have to do with the business of politics?'


1. dirty; slovenly: children with grubby faces and sad eyes.

2. infested with or affected by grubs or larvae.

3. contemptible: grubby political tricks.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be grubby as moles."

"faces can be grubby around mouths."

"people can be grubby."

"hands can be grubby."

"faces can be grubby."

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