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Having an excessive desire or appetite for food.
  1. 'Doctors know that the vast majority of fat people are the way they are because of their sustained greedy eating habits.'
  2. 'It's partly the result, he says, of our endless greedy appetite for the good things of life.'
  3. 'The youngest of the elves is very greedy.'
  4. '"I'm never going to be a greedy pig again Sam, I promise."'
  5. 'Franklin had a great time - laughing his head off at all the greedy birds arguing over his cheerios.'
  6. 'The blackcurrant bush is alive with the wings and chirps of greedy blackbirds gorging themselves.'
  7. 'I know these creatures are noisy, greedy, messy and will take the ice cream cone right out of your hand but I still love them.'
  8. 'Dennis groped his greedy hands over the box of food that Adrian had kept so securely beside him.'
  9. 'Players are becoming greedy for money and attention and they don't seem to care about forming a great team.'
  10. 'Therefore many greedy landlords do not do repairs, unless forced to.'
  11. 'You have to accept that human beings are essentially greedy, and motivated by the pursuit of wealth.'
  12. 'When he goes home he visits schools and orphanages; hardly the actions of a greedy and selfish man.'
  13. 'It isn't hard to look around and see examples of greedy people, people who love money.'
  14. 'Property developers are greedy and want to build as many houses as they can and make a lot of money without thinking of the consequences.'
  15. 'People calling us greedy have no idea what has been involved - we work very hard for our living.'
  16. 'They are sometimes pugilistic, invariably dominant, and often greedy for power.'
  17. 'It shows moreover that most ordinary people are not innately selfish and greedy.'
  18. 'Anthony had been the one who was greedy for his family's wealth wanting to use it for his own ends.'


1. excessively or inordinately desirous of wealth, profit, etc.; avaricious: the greedy owners of the company.

2. having a strong or great desire for food or drink.

3. keenly desirous; eager (often followed by of or for): greedy for praise.

More examples(as adjective)

"investors can be greedy for yields."

"voters can be greedy for patronages."

"schools can be greedy in moneys."

"people can be greedy to extents."

"people can be greedy for places."

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Old English grǣdig, of Germanic origin.