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A sticky or slimy substance.
  1. 'It's not as if the food is vaguely edible, it tastes like chemical goo.'
  2. 'By the time we'd all called a truce everyone was covered in gunk and goo.'
  3. 'He is covered with fruit goo and bready crust but it does not matter.'
  4. 'Mochi is a sweet made from rice, which is pounded until it forms a kind of sticky goo, a bit like that white PVA glue you used to get at school.'
  5. 'They are a really nice crisp, but substantial biscuit with flavoured goo inside.'
  6. 'I can still remember biting through the coconut-studded chocolate shell into the gloriously sticky, snow-white goo within.'
  7. 'She returned to feeding the baby, who was doing her best to spread the orange goo that was her lunch everywhere but her mouth.'
  8. 'The projectile hit, and covered the target in a sticky white goo.'
  9. 'It was like being slimed by a giant banana slug, sticky with sap-like goo.'
  10. 'The testing process lasted more than 21 hours, and when I was done, my hands were covered with peanut goo.'
Excessive sentimentality.
  1. 'That sounds fairly dire, but this adaptation of a book about a Texan high school coach who makes it into the big league late in life isn't entirely covered in sentimental goo.'

More definitions

1. a thick or sticky substance: Wash that goo off your hands.

2. maudlin sentimentality.

More examples(as adjective)

"mucks can be goo."


Early 20th century (originally US): perhaps from burgoo, a nautical slang term for porridge, based on Persian bulġūr ‘bruised grain’.