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    No longer present; departed.
    1. 'the bad old days are gone'
    2. 'Sensing that they were gone, I was more afraid to look at Michael than anything else.'
    3. 'Craig Pollock and Jacques Villeneuve were central to the new team, but both have now gone.'
    4. 'Also gone will be the familiar red colour scheme, as the Grobs are unable to be painted any other colour than white.'
    5. 'Her parents were gone again for the weekend, so she had the house to herself.'
    6. 'Also gone is the spare wheel, replaced by a squirt-in-tyre sealant and a plug-in electric pump.'
    7. 'I was gone that weekend, but by Monday the whole school knew that I was going out with Brent.'
    8. 'You are afraid to put trust in someone because they might be gone tomorrow.'
    9. 'His usually wild curls were flattened in place and the stubble that was normally present was gone.'
    10. 'But the days when theatrical lenses were available only to movie stars are long gone.'
    11. 'When she returned with her children at the weekend, the floral tribute was gone.'
    12. 'She woke feelings within him, after he thought all feeling was gone, dead with his people.'
    13. 'When we talked about Mom being dead, he wished us to say not dead but gone.'
    14. 'Just the thought of him being dead, being gone, being cold, was enough to make me scream.'
    15. 'If she was gone, dead and buried, he could move on with his life.'
    16. 'the food's all gone, I'm afraid'
    17. 'Tickets for the last two days have already gone, leaving just February 29 available.'
    18. 'All the numbers under twenty have gone, but there are various numbers available above that.'
    19. 'Obviously everyone else has had the same idea and the weekend flights have gone already.'
    20. 'Much of the available money was gone before the traditional marketing season for lambs even began.'
    21. 'spending time and effort on a gone sucker like Galindez'
    Having reached a specified time in a pregnancy.
    1. 'The first time, I didn't even realise I was pregnant until I was four months gone.'


    (of time) past.
    1. 'she was gone sixty by then'


    1. past participle of go1 . adjective

    2. departed; left.

    3. lost or hopeless.

    4. ruined.

    5. that has passed away; dead.

    6. past.

    7. weak and faint: a gone feeling.

    8. used up. 9. Slang. pregnant: two months gone. great; outstanding. exhilarated; inspired. Idioms 10. far gone, much advanced; deeply involved. nearly exhausted; almost worn out. dying: The rescue party finally reached the scene of the crash, but most of the survivors were already far gone. 1

    More examples(as adjective)

    "warms can be gone to heads."

    "people can be gone to ers."

    "jacks can be gone on businesses."

    "forevers can be gone."

    "outs can be gone."

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    be gone on
    gone away!