Adjective "Gone" Definition and Examples




    1. past participle of go1 . adjective

    2. departed; left.

    3. lost or hopeless.

    4. ruined.

    5. that has passed away; dead.

    6. past.

    7. weak and faint: a gone feeling.

    8. used up. 9. Slang. pregnant: two months gone. great; outstanding. exhilarated; inspired. Idioms 10. far gone, much advanced; deeply involved. nearly exhausted; almost worn out. dying: The rescue party finally reached the scene of the crash, but most of the survivors were already far gone. 1


    "warms can be gone to heads."

    "people can be gone to ers."

    "jacks can be gone on businesses."

    "forevers can be gone."

    "outs can be gone."

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