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Globe-shaped; spherical.
  1. 'Other studies in which quasi-static force spectroscopy was applied to globular proteins generally lack details that can be linked directly to the secondary structure of the protein.'
  2. 'These have expanding necks and bulbous to globular bodies.'
  3. 'These differences might be related to the shape of the species in water, namely, the globular structure of meta-substituted porphyrins and the dimeric form of the zinc porphyrins.'
  4. 'Both have a globular or bulbous bell and the reed is placed on a curved or angled crook.'
  5. 'Resonance energy transfer efficiency is strongly affected by changes in the donor-acceptor distance on the order of a typical globular protein.'
  6. 'The fruits, which are globular, berrylike, are pea shaped, contain four or five seeds.'
  7. 'The musa lasiocarpa is both dwarf and hardy, and when established produces unusual yellow globular flowers.'
  8. 'But for all the lingering on inky skies or globular dollops of snow outside a window pane, the story never meanders.'
  9. 'The bottom disc, resting on three padded feet, is the base, while the globular glass shade sits on the top one.'
Composed of globules.
  1. 'As some of the water was removed, tiny globular islands, or ‘micelles’ of solid material formed in the solution.'


  1. 'What is clear is that these clusters, like the globulars, are ancient.'
  2. 'If globulars have black holes now, then globulars most likely had black holes when they originally formed.'


1. globe-shaped; spherical.

2. composed of or having globules.

3. worldwide; global.

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"clusters can be globular."

"domains can be globular."

"structures can be globular."

"shapes can be globular."

"proteins can be globular."

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