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Of or resembling glass.
  1. 'glassy lavas'
  2. 'Black, glassy metamict material from each of these locations has historically been referred to as samarskite.'
  3. 'Using abrasives, such as steel wool or abrasive powders tends to permanently scratch the smooth glassy surface, and make it harder to clean thereafter.'
  4. 'The mineral crystallizes in the monoclinic system and commonly forms glassy complex crystals of varied habit.'
  5. 'Rarely, small nodules are found that have a ‘sugary’ texture, which is composed of compact masses of minute glassy crystals.'
  6. 'Volcanoes form glassy rocks such as obsidian, and in recently formed volcanic rocks scientists have found tunnels that seem to have been created by hungry microbes.'
  7. 'As an added bonus, the lava would simultaneously pave roads and sidewalks when it hardens into a glassy smooth surface of igneous rock.'
  8. 'The cerussite crystals are bright and glassy and range from colorless to pale gray.'
  9. 'Volcanoes of the western Hungarian volcanic field also consistently comprise basal glassy pyroclastic units overlain by lavas that cap buttes.'
  10. 'Flint looks glassy and impervious, but in fact is quite porous.'
  11. 'The outer selvages are glassy and the interior tends to be vesicular under low-water pressures.'
  12. 'The sun set behind the ridge leaving a spectrum of deepening light to settle around us in the cool air among the tumbling sound of the glassy water.'
  13. 'The ship was floating on a glassy surface of ocean.'
  14. 'Her fingers grazed the glassy surface of the water, causing ripples to from her touch.'
  15. 'Suddenly, instead of skimming the glassy surface, you could be struggling with the deep, dark world of potential disaster.'
  16. 'The winter offers still glassy waters with pink morning skies reflected on their surface.'
  17. 'The sea was its usual calm blue, a glassy liquid surface stretching till it fused with the horizon in a spectacle of colour.'
  18. 'On your left is the glassy surface of an enormous lake, the sky a deep shade of blue that you thought existed only in crayon boxes.'
  19. 'Day after day passed - no wind - intense heat - glassy waters.'
  20. 'The clear sky was a startling pink colour, and, as there was not a breath of wind, the glassy surface of the water shone with the same beautiful hue.'
  21. 'Amy approached the glassy water, rippling with the waterfall's motion.'
  22. 'a glassy clink'
  23. 'It's not a major drawback since the notes generally come through clearly and realistically, but in louder passages the upper register has a bit of a metallic or glassy sound.'
(of a person's eyes or expression) showing no interest or animation.
  1. 'she'd got that glassy look'
  2. 'With skin the colour of milky tea and glassy eyes that betray his misery, there's never any pretence towards polished musicianship.'
  3. 'You could see in everyone's glassy eyes, that people were genuinely having fun, opening up and talking to complete strangers.'
  4. 'In their tiny glassy eyes I can see mankind's downfall.'
  5. 'Slowly, he raised his waxy head and fixed me with his glassy eyes.'
  6. 'His bright green eyes were glassy, and bore a worried expression.'
  7. 'He had stopped crying, but his eyes were glassy.'
  8. 'The latter of which resonated from Stephanie; in glassy eyes she stood repressing the emotion.'
  9. 'Tears rolled down from Margreet's glassy eyes.'
  10. 'I guessed the people featured weren't Bolivian - their flawless features seemed strangely misplaced next to those of the people who went about their lives beneath their glassy eyes.'
  11. 'His body was limp in her arms and his eyes were glassy and lifeless.'


A glass marble.
  1. 'Years ago, kids used the alleys to play ‘glassies.’'


1. resembling glass, as in transparency or smoothness.

2. expressionless; dull: glassy eyes; a glassy stare.

3. of the nature of glass; vitreous. noun, plural glassies.

4. Also, glassie. Marbles. a marble used as a shooter.

More examples(as adjective)

"spines can be glassy with points."

"papillaes can be glassy with tips."

"hooks can be glassy with points."

"eyes can be glassy with gins."

"states can be glassy."

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