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Relating to or capable of production or reproduction.
  1. 'The feel of place emerges from an ancestral aesthetic that is mediated by the generative and transposable effects of ancestral places.'
  2. 'They are both a product of and a facilitator for future generative relationships.'
  3. 'Each haploid cell undergoes a mitotic division to produce the generative and vegetative nuclei.'
  4. 'Continuing the consideration of the influence of the generative organs in the production of insanity, I come now to puerperal insanity.'
  5. 'The genome contains instead a program of instructions for making the organism - a generative program - in which the cytoplasmic constituents of eggs and cells are essential players along with the genes.'
  6. 'The degree of generative polyploidy is indicated using the letter ‘x’.'
  7. 'For conservationists, the concept of biodiversity encapsulates a vision of orderly flows, in which the generative capacity of the environment functions productively.'
  8. 'Here, I wish to situate discussion of Italian-Australian cultural production as part of the diverse generative dynamics organic to Australian multicultural culture.'
Denoting an approach to any field of linguistics that involves applying a finite set of rules to linguistic input in order to produce all and only the well-formed items of a language.
  1. 'Functionalism as a linguistic approach is different from generative and cognitive approaches in that it makes no claim as to the cognitive reality of the mechanisms it proposes - that matter is irrelevant to its usefulness.'
  2. 'Since the years of generative semantics, it has been claimed that the adverbs ‘again’ and ‘almost’ have access to different parts of verbal meanings.'
  3. 'In this case, I suspect that the explanation has more to do the psychological complexities of real-time composition than with the logic of grammar, generative or otherwise.'


1. capable of producing or creating.

2. pertaining to the production of offspring.

3. Linguistics. of or relating to generative grammar. using rules to generate surface forms from underlying, abstract forms.

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"grammars can be generative."

"systems can be generative."

"transmissions can be generative."

"phonologies can be generative."

"linguists can be generative."

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Late Middle English: from late Latin generativus, from generare ‘beget’ (see generate).