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The commander of a combined military force consisting of army, navy, and air force units.
  1. '‘I was led through double doors to meet generalissimos who jumped around like monkeys and talked like children’, he huffed.'
  2. 'On 1 November of that same year he was elected head of state of Nationalist Spain and generalissimo of its armies, but General Franco's rebel regime needed three long years of civil war to gain control of the whole nation.'
  3. 'Hitler wanted to be the Feldherr, the generalissimo, exercising direct control of the armies himself, in much the same sense that Wellington commanded at Waterloo, albeit at a distance.'
  4. 'Prevailing relations between the Americans and Chinese officialdom, including the generalissimo, were strained when I arrived.'
  5. 'In October 1936, Franco was appointed generalissimo of Nationalist Spain and head of state.'
  6. 'They might coax or bully, interrogate or probe, but rarely do we see them issuing orders or acting like a generalissimo.'

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1. the supreme commander of the armed forces.

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"sheks can be generalissimo."


Early 17th century: Italian, ‘having greatest authority’, superlative of generale (see general).