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A force of gendarmes.
  1. 'The legal and judicial systems of Martinique are those of France, as are the police force and gendarmerie.'
  2. 'However, in areas under a state of emergency or martial law, the gendarmerie functions under the military.'
  3. 'We need to bring in the international community, like international police, gendarmerie, carabinieri, to help us.'
  4. 'Criminals are usually delivered to the police or the gendarmerie, a military police with a reputation of an uncorrupted elite force.'
  5. 'The gendarmerie, police, and army eliminated many brigand bands.'
  6. 'A national police force oversees urban areas, and a gendarmerie attends to rural peacekeeping.'
  7. 'When the referee sent both players off they promptly had a brawl in the tunnel, which required the intervention of the local gendarmerie.'
  8. 'Under military agreements signed with eleven of the thirteen former colonies, armies and gendarmeries about 6,000 strong in each state were built up and trained by the French.'
  9. 'In times of national crisis the gendarmerie can be used to reinforce the army.'
  10. 'Since there is no mass disturbance, there is no need of a more serious presence of the gendarmerie forces.'

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1. gendarmes collectively; a body of gendarmes.

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"polices can be gendarmerie."

"barracks can be gendarmerie."

"forces can be gendarmerie."

"officers can be gendarmerie."

"posts can be gendarmerie."

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Mid 16th century: French (see gendarme).