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A virtually colourless and tasteless water-soluble protein prepared from collagen and used in food preparation, in photographic processes, and in glue.
  1. count noun 'they are testing different strength gelatins in low-calorie products'
  2. 'For variety, try herbal teas, fruit juices or even flavored gelatin.'
  3. 'In a bowl over an ice water bath, combine asparagus juice with gelatin and whip until it becomes a stiff foam.'
  4. 'Eat foods that contain a lot of water, like soup or a gelatin dessert.'
  5. 'After drying, the gelatin foam is cut and sterilized.'
  6. 'Return to the blender and add the softened gelatin and blend again.'
  7. 'Remove from the heat and add the gelatin and vitamin C and whisk to combine.'
  8. 'Transfer the softened gelatin to a medium bowl, place over a hot water bath, and stir until dissolved.'
  9. 'Flan mix is found in supermarkets near gelatin dessert mixes.'
  10. 'Combine the softened gelatin with the warm lentils and adjust seasoning.'
  11. 'Newer food dyes used in beverages and gelatin dessert mixes stain very quickly, especially red shades.'
A high explosive consisting chiefly of a gel of nitroglycerine with added cellulose nitrate.
  1. 'Since that time - and even more since Nobel's development of nitroglycerin-based blasting gelatin in 1875-its impact on the mining and construction industries has been profound.'
  2. 'One of Nobel's last significant discoveries was closely related to his work with blasting gelatin.'
  3. 'We know he became rich by inventing dynamite and blasting gelatin.'
  4. 'Nobel invented many powerful and relatively safe explosives and explosive devices, including the ‘Nobel patent detonator’, dynamite, blasting gelatin, and almost smokeless blasting powder.'
  5. 'Ammonia gelatin is made by adding ammonium nitrate and other ingredients to blasting gelatin.'
  6. 'He later made new discoveries - primarily blasting gelatin and ballistite - and his industrial enterprises, as well as his fortune, grew.'

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1. a nearly transparent, faintly yellow, odorless, and almost tasteless glutinous substance obtained by boiling in water the ligaments, bones, skin, etc., of animals, and forming the basis of jellies, glues, and the like.

2. any of various similar substances, as vegetable gelatin.

3. a preparation or product in which such an animal or vegetable substance is the essential constituent.

4. an edible jelly made of this substance.

5. Also called gelatin slide. Theater. a thin sheet made of

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(gelatin)Early 19th century: from French gélatine, from Italian gelatina, from gelata, from Latin (see jelly).