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A Japanese hostess trained to entertain men with conversation, dance, and song.
  1. as modifier 'the owner of the geisha house'
  2. 'The Japanese geisha waits for her American navy husband's return.'
  3. 'Thus from the beginning there was always a firm distinction - in theory, at least - between the courtesans, who had a monopoly on sex, and the geisha, whose job was to entertain.'
  4. 'Well, not to be outdone, Tokyo has what you might call guardian geishas.'
  5. 'It's exactly the same attitude, despite all the fascination heaped on them, that people had towards the geisha in Japan.'
  6. 'Meanwhile in Japan, a geisha is made pregnant by an abusive Englishman, who abandons her.'
  7. 'The point is not that he was, but that the geisha can make the dullest, most unattractive, paunchy, middle-aged office worker feel that he is the sexiest man alive.'
  8. 'The sun was shining, the geishas were dancing and the crowds were maddening.'
  9. 'The friendly owner tells us about the wooden combmakers of Narai, who once fashioned intricate little combs for the geishas of Kyoto.'
  10. 'For centuries Japanese geishas have used processed bird droppings to lighten and smooth their skin.'
  11. 'And herein lies the paradox, and possibly the geishas ' demise.'

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1. a Japanese woman trained as a professional singer, dancer, and companion for men.

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"hairs can be geisha."

"affairs can be geisha."


Japanese, ‘entertainer’, from gei ‘performing arts’ + sha ‘person’.