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Fitted with gears.
  1. in combination 'a multi-geared cycle'
  2. '‘The problem is that the machines are geared differently,’ he says.'
  3. 'Its fuel-guzzling geared steam turbines and quadruple screws would have to be replaced by new technology.'
  4. 'But with a geared transmission, you have to choose whatever speed the given gear ratio provides.'
  5. 'On driven machines, the tilting was through a one h.p. geared head motor with a limit switch stop provided at each extreme angle.'
  6. 'The legs of the easel are mounted on a horizontal stand and the painting rests on a ledge, in early versions supported on pegs but subsequently replaced by a geared system to raise or lower the painting by winding a crank.'
(of a company) having a specified ratio of loan capital (debt) to the value of its ordinary shares (equity)
  1. '‘This is a relatively low margin, highly geared business,’ he said.'
  2. 'Debt should be another important consideration because most property companies are highly geared.'
  3. 'From an investment point of view, it is already considered to be one of the most heavily geared companies.'


1. Machinery. a part, as a disk, wheel, or section of a shaft, having cut teeth of such form, size, and spacing that they mesh with teeth in another part to transmit or receive force and motion. an assembly of such parts. one of several possible arrangements of such parts in a mechanism, as an automobile transmission, for affording different relations of torque and speed between the driving and the driven machinery, or for permitting the driven machinery to run in either direction: first g

More examples(as adjective)

"royals can be geared to markets."

"machines can be geared toward users."

"computers can be geared for publishings."

"computers can be geared for markets."

"web sites can be geared to customers."

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