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Nervously awkward and ungainly.
  1. 'A gawky chap with a ponytail, rarely ever seen in a suit, he wanted to be different from those tough guys at the big anonymous corporate conglomerations.'
  2. 'Kids are gawky and awkward enough in junior high without forcing them to wear skinny ties and ill-fitting jackets while roaming like bison through a cramped gymnasium.'
  3. 'I just wanted to be like everyone else: one of the short girls who was good at doing cartwheels, graceful and cute as a kitten as opposed to a huge gawky awkward giraffe such as myself.'
  4. 'Chris was nearly eighteen and though he was tall, filled out with spiky black hair and handsome features, he still felt awkward, gawky, and ugly.'
  5. 'So I went out for lunch today with a group of friends and their friends and was disturbed to find myself feeling defensive and edgy which dragged me back about ten years to gawky teenage years of perpetual embarrassment.'
  6. 'She constantly insisted that her height and slender limbs made her gawky and awkward, and for lack of a mirror had never seen the large blue eyes that were so captivating.'
  7. 'I was a horribly gawky and nervous teenager and speech did not come smoothly out of my mouth.'
  8. 'He's intelligent, but gawky and socially inept, unable to communicate with anyone other than his family.'
  9. 'The problem lies with the girls he chooses, as he shows a distinct preference for beautiful, if slightly gawky, younger women who aren't terribly self-confident.'
  10. 'I might be the gawky gap-toothed kid who's not cool like everyone else at school, but as long as I like myself I'll be fine.'


1. awkward; ungainly; clumsy.

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"teenagers can be gawky."

"people can be gawky."

"youths can be gawky."

"straightforwardnesses can be gawky."

"giraffes can be gawky."

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