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Resembling gauze; thin and translucent.
  1. 'Another repetitive melodic pattern, this time on acoustic guitar, gradually transforms into a primordial soup of computer bleeps, clicks, and eventually, thin tendrils of gauzy drone.'
  2. 'And the lady friends who are invited to the picnic are arrayed in the lightest of attire - gauzy looking white or coloured dresses that seem as though a puff of wind would float them away and leave their owners lamenting.'
  3. 'It was high off the floor, curtained by a thin gauzy material and shrouded in dark despite the sunlight filtering through the window.'
  4. 'One of the picks I sampled was a red gauzy dress, with a modest neckline and a diagonal hem at my knees.'
  5. 'I have a secret affection for the older hippie stores where incense strokes your throat as you walk in to check out the miniature Buddhas, candle holders and gauzy dresses.'
  6. 'Suspended within multiple layers of the building structure, the effect of this gauzy translucence is to elevate space into an experience of lightness and weightlessness.'
  7. 'She has been standing - in sparkly high heels - behind her counter since 1987: a light-reflecting marvel in a gauzy dress, faux jewels and a mauve picture hat.'
  8. 'Together these gauzy translucent curtains approximate the colors of the sunset and reinforce the house's nautical theme.'
  9. 'A delicate wing, gauzy and transparent, spread in her hands, spanning her fingers, its lacy intricacy provoking a thoughtful quietness, a sad wistfulness.'
  10. 'Furnished sparely with two easels and several chairs to underscore the physical proximity of the artists when they inhabited the studio together, it was enclosed by gauzy translucent walls so that it could be peered into but not entered.'


1. like gauze; transparently thin and light.

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"dresses can be gauzy."

"curtains can be gauzy."

"tunics can be gauzy."

"tides can be gauzy."

"tents can be gauzy."

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