Adjective "gastronomical" definition and examples



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Relating to the practice of cooking or eating good food.
  1. 'a gastronomic tour of the South of France'
  2. 'It is one of those restaurants where gastronomic quality is less important than artifice, ambience, and the general illusion of having a good time.'
  3. 'Don't miss this family restaurant, where a $10 plate of baby back ribs will result in gastronomical delight or a heart attack.'
  4. 'I directed the topic to things gastronomical, about which my mother knows more than she knows about chic.'
  5. 'You won't get a hamburger; rather prepare yourself for a gastronomic delight.'
  6. 'A survey found that many Australians enjoy the gastronomic contributions of other cultures.'


1. the art or science of good eating.

2. a style of cooking or eating.

More examples(as adjective)

"arrays can be gastronomical."