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Catch one's breath with an open mouth, owing to pain or astonishment.
  1. 'I looked in the direction she pointed and gasped softly in surprise.'
  2. 'He nearly gasped audibly when he saw what had been written on the page.'
  3. 'Everyone gasped as they caught their first glimpse of the gaping hole in the tower and the billowing smoke.'
  4. 'I gasped slightly in pain and watched him stride away.'
  5. 'A faint scratching could be heard on the other side of the door and each boy gasped in fear.'
  6. 'He gasped softly and opened his mouth several times before quickly recovering himself.'
  7. 'The audience gasped audibly at a few of these.'
  8. 'The other men gasped at the sight, and charged at him.'
  9. 'She nearly gasped out loud at this insult.'
  10. 'She gasps with the pain of the gun barrel in her ribs.'
  11. 'Jeremy gasped out an apology'
  12. 'He ran back, through the cold wind, barely able to gasp his request for a Bible.'
  13. 'In the early songs it's nothing but pain, but in the sultry love ballads, the hurting man gasps his sigh of relief and release.'
  14. 'It's all told in flashback, as MacMurray gasps his story into a dictograph for Robinson to hear the following morning.'
  15. 'She tried to gasp an apology, but my hand stopped her lips from moving.'
  16. 'The county has been adrift and buffeted since the break-up of the team of the past decade and now they are gasping for air.'
  17. 'The child will walk around the house and scream in a panic while gasping for air and sweating.'
  18. 'Where the movie flops on its back and gasps for air is in its fight sequences, which are so choppily and confusingly staged that I quickly gave up trying to follow 'em.'
  19. 'No more sitting on my couch or in my car gasping for air and thinking that I am going to die on the spot.'
  20. 'She hit the water with a cold shock, and strained for the surface, gasping for air.'
  21. 'She was left so out of breath by the journey on foot that even 20 hours later she was still gasping for air.'
  22. 'He makes the sound of a fish gasping for air, and this is repeated nine or ten times.'
  23. 'She drank it slowly, then gasped again for air.'
  24. 'I inhaled a lungful of salt water, jerked my head up to choke and gasp for air, then smacked my face back into the water so I could monitor the shark.'
  25. 'On some tracks, in fact, it gets a bit distracting because you can hear him in the background gasping for air.'
  26. 'I'm gasping for a drink!'
  27. 'An integral part of the rich Assamese art and culture, which has flabbergasted renowned scholars, this highly skilled art is gasping for survival.'
  28. 'By the time we got onto the motorway and had found ourselves on familiar ground, I was gasping for coffee and something to eat.'
  29. 'And the affirmation of life is what we had all been gasping for in an effort to regain the totality of our humanity.'
  30. 'Social discipline has broken down, the economy is gasping for life and people's emotions are being provoked into ever-threatening spirals of discord and violence.'
  31. 'Without a single zinger in the bunch, this comedy is gasping for laughs, and should be relegated to the $2.99 bin very soon.'


A convulsive catching of breath.
  1. 'When I saw what he had been hiding, a startled gasp escaped my lips.'
  2. 'Amid the gasps from the audience, the senators' faces drained of smugness.'
  3. 'Some, including both our witnesses, cursed us between gasps of breath for dragging them up ‘some crazy hill’ on a hot summer's day.'
  4. 'As he finished saying this, he heard a soft gasp for air, and delayed breathing.'
  5. 'Then I whipped out my completed hat and there were gasps of astonishment.'
  6. 'Her breath was coming in short, ragged gasps.'
  7. 'His breath came in short gasps as he walked on and on, driven by an insane energy, till he finally reached the riverside.'
  8. 'With each gasp for breath, the wolves became more and more tired.'
  9. 'All I could hear was my own breath, coming in gasps.'
  10. 'Without warning, he pulled his adversary's hood down, which drew a collective gasp from the crowd.'

More definitions

1. a sudden, short intake of breath, as in shock or surprise.

2. a convulsive effort to breathe.

3. a short, convulsive utterance: the words came out in gasps. verb (used without object)

4. to catch one's breath.

5. to struggle for breath with the mouth open; breathe convulsively.

6. to long with breathless eagerness; desire; crave (usually followed by for or after). verb (used with object)

7. to utter with gasps (often followed by out, forth, away, etc.): She gasped out the wo

More examples(as adjective)

"outs can be gasped."

"dollies can be gasped."


(gasp)Late Middle English: from Old Norse geispa ‘to yawn’.


one's (or the) last gasp