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A type of lamp in which an incandescent mantle is heated by a jet of burning gas.
  1. 'Electric lighting was such a powerful symbol of progress that early lighting fixtures proudly flaunted bare bulbs so that no one would dare mistake them for gaslights.'
  2. 'The gaslights were few and far between on Water Street.'
  3. 'What had it come to beyond the gaslights and wood fires?'
  4. 'Landscaping officer Cowling said staff were trying to confirm with historians a story that Maldon was the last place in the country to have working gaslights.'
  5. 'Did this include the re-introduction of gaslights?'
  6. 'In the theaters, the gaslights are going out, replaced by flat, bright electric illumination.'
  7. 'And no city sells its gaslights and cobblestones better than Charleston, largely because so much of it is both authentic and charming.'
  8. 'It's a shame that gaslights are no longer around, but you can still enjoy deliciously spook atmosphere in the darker streets, and glamour around Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.'
  9. 'As paved roads, the telegraph, telephone lines, gaslights, and electric lines caused the city to change, so did the CPD.'
  10. 'Inside the main room, there is an ornate gaslight in each corner.'
  11. 'in the gaslight she looked paler than ever'
  12. '‘Van Gogh mentioned in his letters that his paintings looked different in daylight and gaslight,’ said Bluhm.'
  13. 'His eyes were an unusual green color that gave off a faint luminescence in the gaslight.'
  14. 'Galleries were generally lit by skylights, although by the later nineteenth century many commercial art galleries were using gaslight in order to stay open after dark.'
  15. 'It was much like modern gallery openings, except that it was held during the afternoon so that gaslight would not throw off the subtleties of Whistler's harmonies.'
  16. 'The color was particularly brilliant beneath the gaslight of the theater.'
  17. 'The same decade saw the foundation of the South Kensington Museum, endowed with an exemplary collection for craftsmen to learn from, and soon lit by gaslight in order to encourage working people to visit the collections in the evening.'
  18. 'Fashionable Victorians flocked to promenade through this new underwater marvel, an amazing twin-bore arched corridor lit by flickering gaslight.'


Manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.
  1. 'You're gaslighting me.'
  2. 'She believes that he is literally trying to drive her crazy, gaslighting her with an elaborate series of small, malicious acts of vandalism and theft performed by her quickly shifting cast of household help.'
  3. 'I'm pretty sure a coworker is gaslighting me.'
  4. 'She gaslights her mother into a pitiable downfall.'
  5. 'How do you know if you are being gaslighted?'
  6. 'He had no memory of the incidents. 'I thought she was trying to gaslight me.''
  7. 'Is this normal, or am I being gaslighted?'
  8. 'They will try to control the situation in such a way that the person who was gaslighted is kept away from other associates.'
  9. 'If he is truly "gaslighting" you then he is not following the Christian guidelines of a marriage.'

More definitions

1. light produced by the combustion of illuminating gas.

2. a gas burner or gas jet for producing this kind of light. adjective

3. gaslit (def 2). verb (used with object), gaslighted or gaslit, gaslighting.

4. to cause (a person) to doubt his or her sanity through the use of psychological manipulation: How do you know if your partner is gaslighting you?

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"posts can be gaslight."