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Clothing, especially of a distinctive or special kind.
  1. 'But despite a high-profile campaign in the city, which involved people dressed in Elizabethan garb urging shoppers to vote, in the end it failed to capture the public's imagination.'
  2. 'At a gathering of nuns in Washington in 1979, he ordered the sisters to dress in proper religious garb and to remember their true vocation as acquiescent helpers.'
  3. 'We'll be dressed in medieval garb (like many of the people at Mass).'
  4. 'He wore a loose brown garb with billowing sleeves to allow the cool air in.'
  5. 'Women were dressed in Norwegian traditional garb, which is usually worn on May 17, Norway's National Day.'
  6. 'At the start of the bulletin there is a short announcement from a middle aged lady, dressed in traditional Korean garb, and standing in front of a plain bluescreen.'
  7. 'The Maya wear both modern Western-style clothing and traditional garb (although the latter is more commonly worn by women).'
  8. 'When McDonald's launched its first Hello Kitty promotion last January, thousands queued up, some overnight, for the plush toys dressed in wedding garb from different countries.'
  9. 'Other examples in the two inch thick cardboard bound volume include rousing poems exhorting the empire to action, and photos of Egyptian women dressed proudly in traditional garb.'
  10. 'He was dressed in prison garb of striped shirt, blue sweatshirt and blue jeans turned up at the bottom.'


Dress in distinctive clothes.
  1. 'The director goes one step further with his contemporary spin by garbing actors with clothes that look like something out of The Importance of Being Earnest.'
  2. 'The Old Woman from the Royal Collection chuckles in her reverie, amused by the fantastic costume Rembrandt has garbed her in.'
  3. 'She was garbed in what were usually her ‘boy’ clothes, consisting of large sweaters and loose pants.'
  4. 'Ian was garbed in his normal riding clothes, but Erial, being at home, was wearing a simple but elegant white work dress.'
  5. 'She was still garbed in his clothes and her hips were swaying slightly to the tune she was humming.'
  6. 'Many were still garbed in the period medieval garments that had been required, but no one seemed to notice him.'
  7. 'He was garbed in a stately light blue tunic, with gold trimming decorating the chest and sleeves.'
  8. 'Even the people were garbed in turn-of-the-millennium clothing.'
  9. 'Most characters are garbed with neutral tones of gray and beige perhaps indicative of the simplicity of Larry's life.'
  10. 'It is a contingent fact that I am garbed in stripes.'


A sheaf of wheat.

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    1. a fashion or mode of dress, especially of a distinctive, uniform kind: in the garb of a monk.

    2. wearing apparel; clothes.

    3. outward appearance or form. verb (used with object)

    4. to dress; clothe.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "people can be garbed as maidservants."

    "people can be garbed."

    "servants can be garbed."

    "climbers can be garbed."


    (garb)Early 16th century: from Old Northern French garbe; compare with French gerbe.