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A chickpea.
  1. 'One variety of Algerian couscous is made with onion, zucchini yellow squash, red potatoes, green pepper, garbanzo beans, vegetable stock, tomato paste, whole cloves, cayenne, and turmeric.'
  2. 'Once we were seated, our waitress brought us amuse-bouches in Japanese-type soup spoons: it was a garbanzo bean purée topped with tapenade (olive paste).'
  3. 'It came with potatoes, garbanzo beans, kidney beans and green beans.'
  4. 'For added zing, cut up your extra escarole for a side salad with tomatoes, garbanzos, and Italian dressing.'
  5. 'These flavorful garbanzos, from my Indian friend, make an excellent vegetarian main dish.'
  6. 'I chop up whatever fruits and vegetables I have available and make a delicious salad including my favourite garbanzo beans and mangoes.'
  7. 'She concocted this garbanzo soup primarily from pantry ingredients one night when she was short on time.'
  8. 'But all beans, including cream-colored navy beans and garbanzo beans, contain iron, folate, zinc, and a bit of calcium.'
  9. 'There is a strong demand for different types of organic dry edible beans, like red kidney, navy, black, blackeyed peas and garbanzo beans.'
  10. 'Try mashing a handful of garbanzos with lemon juice for a quick chip dip.'

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1. chickpea (def 1).

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"beans can be garbanzo."


Mid 18th century: from Spanish.