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A raised platform or walkway providing a passage.
  1. 'As they dig amid the rubble, recovery workers are uncovering corridors and gangways that lead to the cavernous vaults below.'
  2. 'Because shadows on the riverbed can disrupt underwater ecology, the gangways and above-surface portions of the pool wall may be made of Plexiglas.'
  3. 'On 2 July 1994 a 6-year-old boy fell off a gangway leading to a viewing platform on a New Zealand Rail train.'
  4. 'They both stood at the rail as the gangway was eventually raised and the ship was nudged out of its berth.'
  5. 'The ocean swell separates gangway from platform at times by several meters and we must jump when ordered.'
  6. 'Each child left the ship with a signed certificate and a goody-bag of sweets, chocolates, a drink and a Royal Navy hat - although most of the food was eaten before they got near the gangway.'
  7. 'He attempted to board the vessel by jumping from the quayside as a gangway was not rigged, but fell into the water.'
  8. 'That was not an employee/employer case, but the plaintiff was injured on the gangway of a ship.'
  9. 'In all, 176 passengers were escorted off the Mississippi Belle II without incident over a gangway rigged up from the shore, officials said.'
  10. 'However, the metal gangway which joined ship to shore was badly damaged and cadets have been busy repairing it.'
  11. 'Instead he found himself running down a ship's gangway, helping troops prepare for the biggest invasion in military history.'
  12. 'The VIPS came ashore and the gangway was removed.'
  13. 'Shaped like the letter Y, the main bridge is curved, with a secondary gangway linked to the quayside a short distance away.'
  14. 'The radioman threw several switches and began to talk softly into his mike, as Nelson left the Radio Shack, climbing the gangway to the Flying Bridge.'
  15. 'Feeling none, he moved through it, and continued down the passage toward the next hatch, and the gangway next to the crew's quarters, that led to ‘B’ deck.'
A passage between rows of seats, especially in a theatre or aircraft.
  1. 'It was one of those days when that line about the House of Commons being the place where your opponents sit across the gangway but your enemies sit next to you seemed particularly apt.'
  2. 'And he might have made it too, if it wasn't for the little old lady blocking the gangway, trying to get her case onto the luggage rack.'
  3. 'He had to sit in the gangway until the train reached Bath.'
  4. 'It's easier to go down the aisles and along the gangways to get to where you want to go.'
  5. 'Many of the criteria are very specific, with the number and size of safety barriers and the length and width of gangways having to comply with set standards.'
  6. 'None of which saved me from a hand down my trousers after I was hauled aside for a random check on the gangway leading to the aircraft.'
  7. 'He said: ‘Everyone was brilliant and it just shows how important it is to keep the gangways clear.’'
  8. 'He was the man who sometimes got ahead of me in the Covent Garden gallery queue and took over what I thought of as my seat on the centre gangway of the front row.'
  9. 'At the end of the day we have got to be mindful of passenger safety, and we can't allow buggies to block gangways.'
  10. 'A woman conductor does have limitations when having to move through the gangway of a crowded bus during peak hours.'


Make way!
  1. 'He yelled: "Gangway for the padre! Let him out."'

More definitions

1. a passageway, especially a narrow walkway.

2. Nautical. an opening in the railing or bulwark of a ship, as that into which a gangplank fits. a gangplank. an area of the weather deck of a ship, between the side and a deckhouse. accommodation ladder.

3. Railroads. the space between the cab of a steam locomotive and its tender. the side entrance of a diesel or electric locomotive.

4. British. an aisle in a theater, restaurant, etc. an aisle in the House of Commons separating the more

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"straights can be gangway."