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The third letter of the Greek alphabet (Γ, γ), transliterated as ‘g’.
  1. 'Alas I just found out that she was a member of Delta Gamma at Cornell.'
  2. 'Delta Gamma followed in 1994, and Kappa Kappa Gamma opened its chapter in 2003.'
  3. 'She works with the homeless through her participation in Delta Kappa Gamma and is involved with the Make a Wish Foundation.'
  4. 'After following her instructions, we arrived at the Gamma Phi Beta house right on time.'
  5. 'Even a seemingly tiny piece of radioisotope like plutonium can be emitting many millions of alpha, beta or gamma particles per week.'
  6. 'Inherited dysfibrinogenemia is caused by mutations in the coding region of the fibrinogen A, B, or gamma gene.'
  7. 'A radioactive material gives off alpha, beta, and gamma emissions.'
  8. 'There was, however, a rumor that later, when the alpha, beta, gamma theory went temporarily on the rocks, he seriously considered changing his name to Zacharias.'
  9. 'Among these, alpha, beta, gamma, epsilon and zeta units as well as the isoform of epsilon subunit were shown in 2 - DE gels of tumor cell lines.'
  10. 'It has four allotropic forms or ferrites, known as alpha, beta, gamma, and omega, with transition points at 700, 928, and 1530C.'
  11. 'It is the quick, hourlong sequence of alpha, beta and gamma emissions that can lead to the mutations in the lung tissue, which can cause cancer.'
  12. 'Golembiewski, Billingsly & Jaeger proposed three types of change - alpha, beta and gamma.'
  13. 'It reminds me of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, where there were different classes of people - the alphas, betas and gammas.'
  14. 'C-reactive protein is located in the area between the beta and gamma components.'
  15. 'I was very close to a First, but got a gamma double-minus in "Political Institutions".'
  16. 'In 1725 Bradley systematically observed the star Gamma Draconis and noticed a seasonal shift in the star's position on the sky.'
  17. 'It is also known as the Amazon Star, the warrioress, or Gamma Orionis.'
Relating to gamma rays.
  1. 'In the treatment of acoustic neuromas, treatments with a gamma knife and linear accelerator produce similar impressive tumour destruction rates, but improved hearing has only been reported after fractionated treatment.'
  2. 'If the energy from the gamma sources is concentrated in collimated beams (presumably two opposite beams), how is it that they happen to be aimed at our Solar System, or do we infer that the number of sources is colossal?'
  3. 'Total gamma-ray relates to the natural gamma radioactivity of a sample as determined by the concentration of radioactive isotopes of uranium, thorium and potassium.'
  4. 'Currently, the two most common methods of sterilization are ethylene oxide treatment and gamma irradiation.'
  5. 'Cesium 137, a radioactive cesium isotope with a mass number of 137 and a half-life of 33 years, is used for gamma irradiation of certain foods and for radiation therapy.'
  6. 'The most widely used treatment to induce deletions is gamma irradiation.'
  7. 'Tubing wall thickness can be determined by gamma backscatter probes.'
  8. 'The nuclear portal monitor and Palm Pilot neutron and gamma detector are designed to detect and identify the illicit movement of nuclear materials.'
  9. 'This makes it possible to reach and treat tumors that previously could be treated only with conventional photon and gamma brachytherapy or with external beam treatments.'
  10. 'During steam sterilization, cornstarch is broken down, which eases ingestion by the body, an effect that does not occur with gamma irradiation.'
A unit of magnetic field strength equal to 10⁻⁵ oersted.
  1. 'The new finding agrees with Einstein's predicted value for gamma to an accuracy of 23 parts per million.'
  2. 'It might also find that, within the experiment's limits of precision, gamma is equal to one - just as Einstein predicted.'

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1. the third letter of the Greek alphabet (Γ, γ).

2. the consonant sound represented by this letter.

3. the third in a series of items.

4. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. a star that is usually the third brightest of a constellation: The third brightest star in the Southern Cross is Gamma Crucis.

5. a unit of weight equal to one microgram.

6. Physics. a unit of magnetic field strength, equal to 10− 5 gauss.

7. Photography. a measure of the degree of development of a negative o

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"stocks can be gamma."

"makes can be gamma."

"logs can be gamma."

"lies can be gamma."

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