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A person who plays video games or participates in role-playing games.
  1. 'It's a series of fun, innovative games that gamers have struggled to get their hands on.'
  2. 'Sales in excess of 6 million units are a testament to the impact made by this game on gamers worldwide.'
  3. 'She's among the growing group of female gamers that are getting hooked on computer games.'
  4. 'I should point out that the game attracts mainly gamers from the continent.'
  5. 'We wanted to give gamers a ton of gameplay for their buck and we have really succeeded in this regard.'
  6. 'Console gamers might want to see action and role-playing games added to that list.'
  7. 'A computer gamer is taking a software firm to court after he suddenly lost all of his virtual weapons.'
  8. 'This can be a real plus for gamers or programmers looking to automate a set of keystrokes.'
  9. 'It adds another level to the depth of the game and also encourages gamers to continue playing.'
  10. 'It is definitely geared toward starting out and familiarizing the gamer with the game.'
A person known for consistently making a strong effort, especially in sport.
  1. 'Chuck, always a gamer, hits the slopes again and gets another drubbing.'
  2. 'He is much more of a gamer and has proven that he can hit tough shots at the end of games, so the fourth quarter is mostly his.'
  3. 'What the team learned in its opener is that he is a gamer and a capable leader.'

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1. a person who plays games, especially computer or video games.

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"usages can be gamers."