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A strategy worked out in advance, especially in sport, politics, or business.
  1. 'The Colts' system also discourages opponents from devising risky game plans.'
  2. 'He can be a head coach or an assistant whose masterful handling of his players and creation of game plans make a huge difference in a team's fortunes.'
  3. 'Therefore players should organize practices, compose game plans using central planning sessions, and change training camp to re-education camp for coaches and owners.'
  4. 'Everything revolves around the defensive game plans he concocts and his ability to keep the team on the same page during tough times.'
  5. 'Before this season, the Seahawks' defensive game plans were much more ambitious.'
  6. 'He takes great delight in preparing a game plan and watching his players execute it.'
  7. 'Their emphasis has been on tactical and strategic game plans, talent-spotting at neighbouring schools and then offering them bursaries to play for their schools.'
  8. 'If the players find their game plans overwhelming, imagine what opponents think.'
  9. 'The scenario didn't allow Georgia coaches to finalize game plans.'
  10. 'He's the kind of coach who works endless hours to prepare game plans for a quarterback-friendly system that turns signal-callers into stars.'

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1. a carefully thought-out strategy or course of action, as in politics, business, or one's personal affairs.

2. Sports. the overall strategy of a team for winning a specific game.

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"firsts can be gameplan."


(game plan)