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Relating to or involving electric currents produced by chemical action.
  1. 'He used an animal ear membrane to receive signals from an oscillating galvanic inductor.'
  2. 'Direct contacts with certain other metals should be avoided in the presence of an electrolyte; otherwise galvanic corrosion of the aluminum may take place in the vicinity of the contact area.'
  3. 'The paper looks at a broad number of applications including electrostatics, galvanic phenomena and electrodynamics.'
  4. 'A full-contact adhesive segregates the materials so there is no chance of a galvanic reaction, while self-piercing rivets provide extra holding power in peel-prone areas.'
  5. 'The two basic methods of electrolysis are galvanic and thermolytic.'
  6. 'The carrier signal causes galvanic conduction to occur through the skin of the patient.'
  7. 'Anodically polarizing the alloy (anodic protection) by impressed anodic current or galvanic coupling with a more noble metal in order to maintain the surface oxide film'
  8. 'Contact of differing metals can cause a galvanic reaction that produces rust and deterioration.'
  9. 'Since titanium and titanium alloys are very resistant to corrosion, the filler metal should be selected carefully to avoid galvanic corrosion.'
  10. 'The technique, known as galvanic vestibular stimulation, unbalances a person so that they automatically veer left or right in an attempt to rebalance themselves.'
Sudden and dramatic.
  1. 'What's fascinating about watching Ford's film today is to have seen so many films since its release wrestle with the same concepts - and often still create a galvanic effect in their audiences.'
  2. 'The music, Partita by Vytautas Barkauskas, is by turns pert and crisp, abrasive and urgent, and its phrases impel his limbs to galvanic action, as if they had a will of their own.'
  3. 'Afterwards, emboldened by the music's galvanic tides and ominous, pacing images, I barged backstage.'
  4. 'Their sophomore release is indeed galvanic, with electric guitars and impassioned percussion (both drums and piano) leading the charge.'
  5. 'Here, alas, he has never set the heather ablaze, which is a pity because his work at its best is entrancing, even - dare we say it - galvanic.'
  6. 'This is the scene's only glimpse of him; Michel's galvanic change of mind and manner (after narrating ‘I lost courage’) is not explained until this moment.'


1. pertaining to or produced by galvanism; producing or caused by an electric current.

2. affecting or affected as if by galvanism; startling; shocking: the galvanic effect of his speech.

3. stimulating; energizing: Her galvanic presence brought the party to life.

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"motions can be galvanic."

"batteries can be galvanic."

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Late 18th century: from French galvanique, from Galvani, Luigi.