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Causing annoyance or resentment; annoying.
  1. 'It fetched £60 as scrap but, as a galling postscript to the accident, he saw the car for sale on a used-car lot shortly afterwards, priced at £600.'
  2. 'One of the galling aspects about Scotland's decline over the past decade is that, contrary to the SFA's insistence, there is not, and never has been, a glut of able youngsters queuing up for a tilt at fame.'
  3. 'For Europe's elites, anti-Americanism is a sterile response to the galling fact that Europe committed semi-suicide in the 20th century.'
  4. 'That an organization that claims to represent people whether they are members or not can be taken more seriously than the national chiefs' organization is especially galling to many AFN veterans.'
  5. 'At a time when Bradford is seeking to rehabilitate itself through cultural status, visionary architecture and civic responsibility, I find it galling to see such negativity applied to our young people.'
  6. 'The galling thing for me and other progressive Democrats is that this fight against the corporate establishment and for working families is the very one we should be making - but where is our party?'
  7. 'It is very galling if you go to a water and find half a dozen cormorants there, looking as though they have had a really good feed.'
  8. 'What Indians found especially galling was that the US and the allies were now snuggling up to Pakistan in a bid to secure that country's full co-operation in the invasion of Afghanistan.'
  9. 'Your column, aside from its galling content, lacks structure and basis.'
  10. 'But what is so galling is the fact that few comedians realise that comedy has limited impact politically, and usually it's targeted at and consumed by the ‘converted’ anyway.'


1. that galls; chafing; irritating; vexing; exasperating.

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"nothings can be galling to protestants."

"disappointments can be galling for facts."

"experiences can be galling."

"aspects can be galling."

"actions can be galling."

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