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Relating to Galileo or his methods.
  1. 'The occultations and transits of Io, the Galilean moon closest to Jupiter, begin about every twenty-one hours and last just over two hours.'
  2. 'Exegetes find few texts more baffling than four lines that Matthew attributes to Jesus during the course of his Galilean ministry.'
  3. 'Einstein resolved this paradox by recognizing that Galilean invariance is just an approximation, valid for speeds much smaller than the speed of light.'
  4. 'There was the Galilean defeat and the Copernican defeat and the Darwinian defeat and the Einsteinian defeat.'
  5. 'If he did see one of the Galilean satellites, then it would have been Ganymede which is the brightest of the four.'
  6. 'The Galilean transformation is simple because time coordinates are unchanged, so that: t = t’.'
  7. 'These effects are a direct consequence of the Einstein's velocity addition rule that, unlike the Galilean velocity addition rule, includes the universal speed of light explicitly.'
  8. 'The Moon is not as large as any planet other than distant little Pluto but is of the same scale as the Galilean satellites of Jupiter.'
  9. 'The waning Moon occults, or passes in front of, Jupiter and its four Galilean satellites on the 7th.'
  10. 'The article by Torrence Johnson on page 77 discusses the remarkable diversity of the Galilean satellites, the first planetary system discovered other than our own.'


Relating to Galilee.
  1. 'His initial attempts to modernise the undergraduate syllabus were temporarily stalled on the argument that ‘if Galilean fishermen could cope with lots of New Testament Greek, how much more could Oxford undergraduates’.'
  2. 'Even if one accepts his possibly overstated emphasis on the New Testament as a creation of the Jewish diaspora and not of Palestinian and Galilean Jews, problems remain when their work is presented as so brilliantly contrived.'
  3. 'Citizen Paul of Tarsus is allotted a Galilean ancestry and a wife and family who may have died in some calamity.'
  4. 'Perhaps these Galilean parables aren't so different from the large-scale dramas in this month's Exodus history and psalmist liturgy.'


A native or inhabitant of Galilee.
  1. 'In discussing the need for repentance, Jesus alludes to certain Galileans being killed by Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea.'
  2. 'Galilee was very much at the edges of Jewish society, and Galileans were looked down on.'
  3. 'The Galilean, sir, was a paladin for the destitute, the downtrodden, the impecunious hoi polloi.'
  4. 'You are Jesus of Nazareth, living in the time when Pontius Pilate slaughtered innocent Galileans and mingled their blood with their sacrifices.'
  5. 'They just brought up the issue about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.'
  6. 'It is unrealistic to expect all our answers to come from a long dead Englishman, let alone a pale Galilean.'
  7. 'Two soldiers from the governor's guards held the Galileans and lay them down on the humid tiling.'
  8. 'Of his anti-Christian critique, Against the Galileans, only fragments remain.'


1. of or relating to Galileo, his theories, or his discoveries.

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"satellites can be galilean."

"jews can be galilean."

"telescopes can be galilean."

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"mentalities can be galilean."

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