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An unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder.
  1. 'his comments are a major diplomatic gaffe'
  2. 'Several of his major gaffes were simple mistakes of technique, which over time can be corrected.'
  3. 'He is disarmingly straightforward about his goofs and gaffes, of which he had plenty during his first go-round.'
  4. 'Jubilant children can now go to their chosen schools after education chiefs admitted an embarrassing gaffe.'
  5. 'Only then, having realised their diplomatic gaffe, did the White House alter its stance.'
  6. 'We all know some of the famous gaffes that have been performed.'
  7. 'It is said in Washington that a gaffe is when someone slips up and tells the truth.'
  8. 'With respect to the film itself, there are many who take pride in highlighting the several goofs and gaffes on display.'
  9. 'The Cultural Cold War contains some silly mistakes and some real gaffes.'
  10. 'Criticism, missteps and gaffes began to characterize news coverage.'
  11. 'Embarrassment concerns lighter social gaffes and violations of decorous comportment.'

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1. a social blunder; faux pas.

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"naiveties can be gaffes."


(gaffe)Early 20th century: from French, literally ‘boathook’ (from Provençal gaf: see gaff), used colloquially to mean ‘blunder’.