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Excessively or annoyingly talkative.
  1. 'As befits the trade, antique dealers are gabby and knowledgeable and prone to bemoaning that things aren't what they used to be.'
  2. 'Without getting all politically gabby, has there been somebody you've experienced first-hand where you were just completely floored by what a lunatic they were?'
  3. 'Somewhere along the way, getting gabby on the field became a sin in the NFL's eyes, and I just don't understand why.'
  4. 'Your gabby cousin, who happens to be standing right next to the buffet table, begins to talk your ear off.'
  5. 'Unfortunately, this site's promoters have decided not to dispense with the gabby guide who makes these boat trips such a pain in cities all over the world.'
  6. 'At a recent London show, armed with no more than a backwoods beard, an acoustic guitar and an amazing voice, he silenced a room full of gabby, gossipy music-biz types, which is no mean feat.'


1. talkative; garrulous.

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"mouths can be gabby."

"outs can be gabby."

"media can be gabby."

"hats can be gabby."

"brilliantlies can be gabby."

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