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(of popular music or electric instruments) having or producing a distorted buzzing tone.
  1. 'What follows is a fuzzed and phased rhythm guitar workout over which Orridge sings through distorting filters.'
  2. '‘Sounds from the Village’ is even better, showcasing Ranelin's oily trombone gymnastics and a viciously fuzzed guitar solo.'
  3. 'Melistar rides a fuzzed bassline similar to Thomas Heckmann's ‘Amphetamine’ and blankly mimics Miss Kittin's vacant delivery.'
  4. 'A massive gothic organ lifts the sublime ‘Escape Song’ up a gear before a Syd Barrett guitar hook progresses the track to a stomping fuzzed rock finale.'
  5. '‘Wind is Howling’ tries too hard to elicit a haunting atmosphere with fuzzed ambience and a squealing dilruba in the background.'
  6. 'Rockethouse, formerly known as Aerial Love Feed, has gone through a line-up and name change but has retained the essence of their fuzzed guitar sound.'
  7. 'Though Pinhas adopts the same, pure fuzzed tone and a liking for big slides up and down the fretboard, closer listening reveals a more personal aesthetic at work.'


1. loose, light, fibrous, or fluffy matter.

2. a mass or coating of such matter: the fuzz on a peach.

3. Slang. a man's very short haircut, similar to a crew cut.

4. a blur: That photo is all fuzz.

5. a distorted sound from an electric musical instrument, especially a guitar, produced by means of an electronic device. verb (used with or without object)

6. to make or become blurred or unclear (sometimes followed by up or out): He fuzzed up the plot line with a lot of emotiona

More examples(as adjective)

"chords can be fuzzed."

"calligraphies can be fuzzed."