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Distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion.
  1. 'Their mother joined the frantic rescue effort but all three were swept away.'
  2. 'She made frantic, wild attempts at my neck and face, trying to turn my head to the side.'
  3. 'He seemed a man true to his faith and culture and frantic with worry about his children's future.'
  4. 'We are all fantastically relieved - especially his mum who has been frantic with worry.'
  5. 'There was a frantic tone to the stories, an underlying hysteria I felt as a child but could only name as an adult.'
  6. 'Evidence of that frantic plea brings tears to her eyes, but they dry quickly.'
  7. 'I want to feel crazy and frantic and desperate and feel like you're the only thing that can satisfy me.'
  8. 'I got to the building and the lady in the office got a bit frantic coz she couldn't find our assignments.'
  9. 'Two young children had gone over the edge of the pier in their buggy and their frantic mother had dived in to save them.'
  10. 'This time, however, he failed to return and his mother is frantic with worry about his safety.'
  11. 'The manager rightly said he felt sorry for the fans after this frantic, frenetic defeat.'
  12. 'He opened the door to his room again, now in a frantic search for anything he may need.'
  13. 'The game started at a frantic pace with both sides going in search of a vital opening goal.'
  14. 'From that position, he can't help but learn more about the frantic pace and pressure of the game.'
  15. 'It started to become apparent that maybe the frantic search for vitamin cures was missing the point.'
  16. 'Lay out everything you'll need the night before to save frantic searches for baby clothes in the morning.'
  17. 'It has to swing and look effortless but is often wild and frantic with loads of kicks, jumps, lifts, hops and spins.'
  18. 'In the latter stages they attempted a frantic counter-attack but the ball play was feeble.'
  19. 'I have the necessary space to operate within this frantic environment without anxiety.'
  20. 'After a frantic search she spotted the toddler floating in the lake.'


1. desperate or wild with excitement, passion, fear, pain, etc.; frenzied.

2. Archaic. insane; mad.

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"manies can be frantic with worries."

"manies can be frantic with griefs."

"todays can be frantic as yesterdays."

"seventeens can be frantic about safeties."

"rushes can be frantic to destinations."

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Late Middle English frentik, ‘insane, violently mad’, from Old French frenetique (see frenetic).