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Fasten (something) securely in a particular place or position.
  1. figurative 'her words have remained fixed in my memory'
  2. 'Dave had lined the room with hardboard sheets fixed to wooden battens.'
  3. 'At that point in space, the satellite orbits Earth at the same speed as Earth's rotation - making the satellite appear to be fixed in the same location in the sky.'
  4. 'The reconnaissance officers used head torches fixed to their helmets.'
  5. 'In both cases, the receiver was fixed inside the boat hull without negatively affecting the athletes.'
  6. 'The upholstery was ‘a chassis’, that is, fixed to its own subframes independent of the main chair frame.'
  7. 'To allow movement from thermal and other forces, the roof is not fixed rigidly to its supports.'
  8. 'The pieces might be fixed in a plate of stone, shaped to receive the parts, or assembled face down and then affixed to a setting bed.'
  9. 'Perhaps it was their dreamlike quality or the way they could not be fixed in place.'
  10. 'There was a shelf fixed to the wall by the light switch.'
  11. 'Use several long wood screws and wood glue to fix the post in a sturdy, upright position.'
  12. 'Ryan's gaze was fixed intently on her face, a small smile on his lips.'
  13. 'You can keep your eyes fixed as firmly on a muddy trail as you can on a four-lane highway, and if you do, your mind will drift just as quickly.'
  14. 'While Mr Thould - a history teacher himself - recognises the importance of the school's past, he's also got his sights fixed firmly on the future.'
  15. 'They had their sights fixed firmly on a Connacht title, but they came up against a Mary's outfit that were more determined on the day.'
  16. 'Hawk glanced up to where Morgan sat, his gaze now fixed on the ceiling.'
  17. 'He had the title firmly fixed within his sights and clinched the best of five with 19, then 21 darts.'
  18. 'If his attention fixes upon the rich and varied foliage of the ancient forest, it is to single out particular specimens of trees and plants.'
  19. 'His mind fixed only on the dark deed at hand and fulfilling his mission once and for all!'
  20. 'Their gazes fixed on me, trying to interpret the words I'd left unsaid.'
  21. '‘What you doing up so early?’ her mother continued, fixing her with an unblinking stare.'
  22. 'She fixes me with a look, a wonderful mixture of playfulness and provocation.'
  23. 'According to a new report, 2-to-5-day-old infants already home in on faces that fix them with a direct gaze and devote less attention to faces with eyes that look to one side.'
Decide or settle on (a specific price, date, course of action, etc.)
  1. 'It is therefore impossible to fix exact proportions, or to establish a list of ingredients which will be appropriate to everyone.'
  2. 'The application was fixed for a hearing on 11 June 1998.'
  3. 'So it was that a departure date was fixed for October and the and the group, in batches of a few hundred a time went to Liverpool where they were to board the ships that had been chartered to transport them.'
  4. 'Both football semi-finals are fixed for February 24, but Nemo have been approached about playing the following week to avoid a clash with the Sigerson Cup.'
  5. 'The game was fixed for one week after all of the other first round games were played and for the evening before the start of the college examinations on Monday last.'
  6. 'The Taiwanese owners would start scrapping a total of 53 tuna fishing boats from next year if a compensation figure can be fixed, the agency said.'
  7. 'The ceremony was fixed for two o'clock on a Sunday in the middle of the World Cup season.'
  8. 'The county final is fixed for Sunday, October 5th.'
  9. 'There will be many demands on the council's coffers before the budget is fixed for 2005 / 06.'
  10. 'A date was fixed for the work to be carried out but workmen never turned up.'
  11. 'the rate of interest is fixed for the life of the loan'
  12. 'Now, he is given less than the time fixed by the Rules of Court.'
  13. 'It's not like before, where the applications on the phone were fixed and you couldn't change them or add new ones.'
  14. 'In the first year, the interest rate will be fixed at between 17.5 percent and 18.5 percent.'
  15. 'This distance, however, cannot be fixed, for it is forever subject to a negotiation between past and present.'
  16. 'Web sites are dynamic, changing objects that cannot be fixed or ‘owned’ as property.'
  17. 'Furthermore, once selected, the definition, whatever it is, must be fixed permanently.'
  18. 'Does he agree that the meaning of the Constitution was fixed when it was adopted?'
  19. 'It will initially be more expensive, but your premium is fixed for the entire term.'
  20. 'having made landfall, he fixed his position'
  21. 'The flight leader watched him go down, fixed his position, and saw that he was alive and in his raft.'
  22. 'When no landmarks or aids to navigation are visible, navigators may use the Sun, the Moon, or other celestial bodies to fix the craft's position.'
  23. 'We have been at the mercy of the storm for days, and the cloud cover still prevents me from fixing our location by the stars.'
  24. 'The members of the Great Assembly fixed the specific language of prayer - not to limit us, but to help guide us toward what we should want out of life.'
  25. 'By aiming at fixing the language, he succeeded in giving the standard of reputable use'
  26. 'Lord Wilberforce stated that in order to fix vicarious liability on the owner of a car in such a case as the present, it must be shown that the driver was using it for the owner's own purposes, under delegation of a task or duty.'
  27. 'The only difference was to try and get in the two extra waybills, which were really to fix liability on the same actual carrier.'
  28. 'The inference from these provisional conclusions is that the two local authorities involved are engaged in a struggle to avoid being fixed with responsibility for this awkward case.'
Mend or repair.
  1. 'Some minor problems, such as holes and cracks, can be fixed by filling them with gutter caulk or by using a gutter patching kit.'
  2. 'Ministers want the public to offer ideas about what needs fixing, and where the vision should be for the long-term future of schooling.'
  3. 'A spokeswoman said the company was working flat out to get repairs fixed which were holding up trains and lengthening journeys.'
  4. 'As I recall, you also had to get the shower repaired and fix quite a few things, didn't you?'
  5. 'From the major problems to the minor ones, all had been completely fixed and solved.'
  6. '‘But…’ he squealed, ‘We can fix it, right?’'
  7. '‘We've got to fix it right now!’ she declared resolutely.'
  8. 'Serious problems of disrepair are often lurking unseen below the surface, with a backlog of home repairs it is estimated will cost £37 billion to fix.'
  9. 'We're going to get to the truth and then fix what went wrong.'
  10. 'IT support staff waste up to 75 days a year on travelling to off-site locations to physically fix PCs.'
  11. 'the international community should not rely on the UN to fix the world's problems'
  12. 'We said we would fix immigration, law and order, and the Treaty of Waitangi industry.'
  13. 'She said it was more about fixing up what was there than any major development.'
  14. 'The house had been empty for many years, and he was planning to fix it up.'
  15. '‘When we first moved down here I had this idea that we'd be able to fix the house up within six months,’ says Wiese.'
  16. 'I bought a ‘broken’ computer from a garage sale for ten dollars with a view to fixing it up.'
  17. 'Together we fixed it up and created our eco-friendly home with an emphasis on what we dubbed ‘urban farming‘.'
  18. 'If the solution seems like too much hassle, and you get that niggling feeling that you'd never get around to fixing things up, accept it and move on.'
  19. 'But before the troops could get started on fixing the resort up, they had to make their own staff quarters suitable to live in.'
  20. 'He kept the house for only a short time, selling it in 1946 to a fellow called Ed, who planned to fix the place up.'
  21. 'Not to mention the financial cost of fixing things up after these thugs vent their frustrations on other people's property.'
  22. 'We seem to have run out of money with which to fix this house up.'
  23. 'Laura was fixing her hair'
  24. 'I fixed my hair and make-up and then changed into a tank top and a pair of jeans that I had brought from my house.'
  25. 'She changed into her school clothes and fixed her hair back into a high ponytail.'
  26. 'He bowed to her and then stood straight to fix himself.'
  27. 'Riley changed quickly, brushed her hair and fixed her makeup, then closed the door to her bedroom and waited in her living area.'
  28. 'She fixed her makeup and hair, drying it harshly with the blow-dryer.'
  29. 'I fixed my hair and clothes and touched up my concealer and makeup.'
  30. 'Kate brushed her hair and fixed her eye makeup before she went downstairs to join her family in the dining room for her birthday dinner.'
  31. 'In junior high, I learned how to apply makeup and fix my hair from my older step-sisters.'
  32. 'Mother would be putting on her makeup and fixing her hair.'
  33. 'It was obvious from the way she tied her long hair back and fixed her clothes that she had other things on her mind.'
Make arrangements for (something); organize.
  1. no object 'I've fixed for you to see him on Thursday'
  2. 'The visit is fixed up, and just in time; 24 hours later his laptop packs in.'
  3. 'It can be very difficult fixing things up for young offenders in advance of their release.'
  4. 'He fixed us a taxi to the hotel.'
  5. 'I'll fix you up with a room'
  6. 'Oh, those nice people from Reliance have promised to fix us up with a couple of weeks in the sun.'
  7. 'Far too old for the part, Valence is fixed up with a wig and copious amounts of make-up.'
  8. 'Check the weather-stripping around doors and windows, and replace any that are worn - retailers who specialize in doors and windows can fix you up with the proper replacement type for your situation.'
  9. 'Come out back, and we'll see what we can fix you up with.'
  10. 'If you call into the Visitor Centre on the main street through the town they will soon fix you up with a place to suit your budget.'
  11. with two objects 'Ruth fixed herself a cold drink'
  12. 'In the kitchen Frank fixed himself a cup of coffee and a piece of buttered toast.'
  13. 'So he went back into the house and fixed himself a big steak, with potatoes, garlic bread and a tall glass of iced tea.'
  14. 'After taking a short nap, he went downstairs and fixed himself some cereal and turned on the TV.'
  15. 'I got in, fixed myself a stiff drink and lay on the floor until the shaking died off.'
  16. 'Running quietly down the steps, she fixed herself a big breakfast and ate all of it in 5 minutes flat.'
  17. '‘I wish I had never had children,’ she muttered to herself as she fixed herself a drink.'
  18. 'By seven, she was already downstairs in the kitchen, fixing herself a French toast.'
  19. 'She went down to the kitchen and fixed herself a sandwich, and just as she was about to sit down, the phone rang.'
  20. 'We fixed ourselves a snack and went to watch TV in the family room.'
  21. 'She quietly fixed herself a cup of chamomile tea and sat on the couch, her icy feet curled under her, drinking and thinking.'
  22. 'When I looked up at his face he had that smirk, that's when I knew he was fixing to do something crazy.'
  23. 'As Isaac was fixing to go out the door his mother called out to him.'
  24. 'After she had bid farewell to Mr. Fisher, who was fixing to leave and go back to town, Ana went to her new room and lay down on the bed.'
  25. 'Keeping in good spirits they blamed the unfortunate episode on the ‘socialist’ government for interfering in the market they had been fixing to become trillionaires in.'
  26. 'The sky was gray and it looked as if it were fixing to snow.'
  27. 'She has her saddle and bridle on as though she was fixing to be ridden out.'
  28. 'Because at that point it looked to me like it was fixing to blow up.'
  29. 'Danny reached out and caught her just as she was fixing to hit the floor.'
  30. 'I sat there for a moment preparing myself for what I was fixing to do.'
Make (a dye, photographic image, or drawing) permanent.
  1. 'She needs only light, photosensitive paper, an object to block the light and chemicals to fix the image afterward.'
  2. 'Light is then projected through a negative onto the paper, and after the paper is washed and fixed, a photographic print remains.'
  3. 'The next stage of the process is the addition of chemical called a fixer, because it fixes the image permanently in place.'
  4. 'They gradually perfected the process of drying the grass to fix the image with some degree of permanence.'
  5. 'Sections were fixed with formaldehyde, and embedded in paraffin.'
  6. 'The astronauts chemically fixed the moss cultures before each mission re-entered Earth's atmosphere.'
  7. 'Briefly, slides were fixed in acetone for 5 minutes.'
  8. 'The fruit were covered with aluminium foil to prevent them from fixing carbon dioxide.'
  9. 'The bacteria supply the pea plants with nitrogen fixed from the air when the soils are deficient in that nutrient.'
  10. 'Both cover crops fix a lot of nitrogen and produce high yields of biomass that serve as organic matter to enrich the soil.'
Influence the outcome of (something, especially a race, match, or election) by illegal or underhand means.
  1. 'If, for one minute, fans think that an outcome has been fixed, our industry has nothing to sell the public.'
  2. 'All five had been prohibited from attending any racecourse facilities since they were charged with race fixing in March 1999.'
  3. 'They also asked if he expected the elections to be fixed.'
  4. 'I notice that the Police are questioning a few individuals in an attempt to uncover evidence of race fixing.'
  5. 'In the same year, he was one of five jockeys arrested as part of an investigation into alleged race fixing, but was later released without charge.'
  6. 'But then he tried to fix the London mayoral election.'
  7. 'Can we be sure that further individuals or gangs aren't attempting to fix races?'
  8. 'He denied taking a bribe to fix any of the matches in the triangular series, contested by South Africa, England and Zimbabwe.'
  9. 'The one-hour show, with allegations of race fixing, betting scams and jockeys mixing with criminals, made headlines on the front and back pages.'
  10. 'Democracy came in the form of elections that were fixed and manipulated.'
  11. 'that little swine–I'll fix him next time'
  12. 'This will allow us to destroy the lead company as the second enemy is being fixed by the minefield.'
  13. 'By fixing and suppressing the enemy, we allow our own maneuvering element to accomplish its task relatively unmolested.'
Take an injection of a narcotic drug.
  1. 'A final design issue that was explored was ‘chill out rooms’ where drug users could relax after fixing in the injecting room.'
  2. 'She confessed that she had just started fixing herself with Morphine and Pethedine.'
  3. 'The guys like it when the girls can't fix themselves.'
Castrate or spay (an animal); neuter.
  1. 'The cancers of the reproductive organs are very rare in cats that have been fixed.'
  2. 'One is a girl and the other is a boy - both are fixed, as is our own cat.'

More definitions

1. to repair; mend.

2. to put in order or in good condition; adjust or arrrange: She fixed her hair in a bun.

3. to make fast, firm, or stable.

4. to place definitely and more or less permanently: to fix a circus poster to a wall.

5. to settle definitely; determine: to fix a price.

6. to direct (the eyes, the attention, etc.) steadily: His eyes were fixed on the distant ship.

7. to attract and hold (the eye, the attention, etc.).

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"remainses can be fix for stocks."

"golds can be fix on afternoons."

"people/places/organizations can be fix."

"people can be fix."

"shops can be fix."

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