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A statuette, especially one of a human form.
  1. 'Two jade figurines lay beside Pacal, one representing the sun god.'
  2. 'I like the way this refers back to the modelled figurines and the imaginary landscapes that fill so much of a child's psyche.'
  3. 'The gigantic, colourful idols are made with straw and clay, starting with the making of straw figurines for the torso.'
  4. 'A replica of the Eiffel Tower or a figurine of a dolphin will evoke a sentimental feeling.'
  5. 'Some students added stones and tree branches, while others added human and animal figurines.'
  6. 'I could barely resist the ornate Chinese figurines at a stall run by a grandma.'
  7. 'The diminutive figurine is broken at the waist but preserves the torso and head of a lady and the high back of her elaborately decorated chair.'
  8. 'I particularly like the colorful sculptured candles and the intricately made glass figurines.'
  9. 'Her later work included the design of glass figurines and vases, some of which were mass-produced.'
  10. 'I wanted to throw one of her African figurines at her.'

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1. a small ornamental figure of pottery, metal, plastic, etc.; statuette.

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"toppings can be figurines."

"displays can be figurines."


(figurine)Mid 19th century: from French, from Italian figurina, diminutive of figura, from Latin figura (see figure).