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Take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons.
  1. 'protesters fought with police'
  2. 'Two team members charged into the stands and fought with fans in the final minute of Friday's game.'
  3. 'The police were called by the bus driver after two pupils began fighting as the bus was travelling through town.'
  4. 'Most experts agree that a person attacked by a cougar should fight like hell.'
  5. 'A study found that girls as young as 13 are smoking, swearing, fighting, drinking and disrupting lessons in ever higher numbers.'
  6. 'Her personal bodyguards fought valiantly to keep by her side.'
  7. 'those who had fought for King and country'
  8. 'For 30 years now, guerrillas have been fighting for independence for the people of the islands.'
  9. 'People come and go, epochs change, battles are fought, wars won and lost, but India exists.'
  10. 'He returns to battle and fights, pushing ever closer to the walls of the city.'
  11. 'The 1914-18 war was mainly fought on battlefields.'
  12. 'They know that these wars were not fought primarily for their rights.'
  13. 'If your conscience won't allow you to fight for your country you can now apply for permission not to perform military or combatant duties.'
  14. 'You know the villagers, they'll stay here and fight to the end.'
  15. 'The rebels fought hard to retake a former stronghold.'
  16. 'The Senator has even disregarded the contributions of those who are fighting for their freedom.'
  17. 'He fights his vessel well.'
  18. 'George I and his son shared a deep mutual dislike for each other, were political opposites, and fought constantly.'
  19. 'We have been very careful not to shout or fight around the kids but they are still suffering.'
  20. 'Now they are fighting over who should be in charge and who doesn't deserve to be.'
  21. 'Young, like Byrd, fought some monster heavyweights as well.'
  22. 'Following four comeback fights, he was in position to fight new champion Evander Holyfield.'
Struggle to overcome, eliminate, or prevent.
  1. 'the company intends to fight the decision'
  2. 'We will stand shoulder to shoulder with any community to fight the scourge of drugs in our county.'
  3. 'Governments must fight corruption, respect basic human rights, and embrace the rule of law.'
  4. 'Why do we fight even what we know to be in our own vital interests?'
  5. 'Councillor Jones has been in charge for 15 years and is expected to fight any attempt to oust him.'
  6. 'His union, the National Union of Journalists, had backed him and promised to fight any attempts to force him out.'
  7. 'They have turned their attention to the UN sanctions, and are fighting attempts to have them lifted.'
  8. 'Agriculture Minister Joe Walsh said he will fight any attempt to change the current situation.'
  9. 'for several days, doctors fought to save his life'
  10. 'Campaigners fighting to save the pub welcomed the club's interest.'
  11. 'It goes to show what we pensioners can achieve if we stand up and fight for our rights.'
  12. 'A group of Kingston doctors has united to fight for the return of the family doctor.'
  13. 'His parents say they were numb and in shock while doctors fought to save Connor and are overjoyed by his recovery.'
  14. 'Meath, true to their county's battling trait, fought fiercely to save the game in the closing minutes.'
  15. 'But four years later, we found ourselves once again fighting for our very survival.'
  16. 'In the small companies you are forced to fight for labour legislation and to keep wages up.'
  17. 'Last time I fought to get a vaccine was the chickenpox vaccination for myself - took me months to fight for the right to get it and then it didn't even work!'
  18. 'He was taken to hospital, where doctors fought unsuccessfully to save his sight.'
  19. 'The plans have infuriated parents, who have vowed to fight for the unit where dozens of lives are saved each year.'
  20. 'The attitude betrays a contempt for the very system people in the party believed in and thought they fought an election for.'
  21. 'Labour candidates fought the election in Whitworth on that issue.'
  22. 'This was a keenly fought contest between two evenly matched teams.'
  23. 'But twelve years ago an election was fought on it.'
  24. 'Many former Nazis fought elections under the banner of the National Democratic Party with limited success.'
  25. 'It will be one of the most tightly fought political contests in North Kerry since the May general election but this time it s not about votes but appetite.'
  26. 'Way back in the last century in rural areas elections were fought and won at the church gates and also in the local towns.'
  27. 'The Lords' veto on the budget was overturned, and Asquith fought an election on this very issue, establishing the primacy of the elected Commons over the unelected Lords.'
  28. 'With the news that Australia's leading wicket taker Shane Warne will be fit for the match, the game promises to be an evenly fought contest.'
  29. 'A close contest was fought with the American Lisa Raymond on Court 18.'
  30. 'Loren fought the feeling of helpless panic that threatened to engulf him.'
  31. 'Celinda close her eyes and tried to fight the feelings, the emotions running through her.'
  32. 'Seems like he was fighting his feelings, and you - without your consent - were helping.'
  33. 'She fought feelings of panic as he moved in to kiss her, and successfully allowed him to continue a few moments before she pulled away.'
  34. 'If this is the worst trouble we see all tournament, I shall have to fight the feelings of smugness very hard indeedy.'
  35. 'Before I got out of the car I fought the fears that were resulting in me wanting to not get out of the car, the ones that made me want to hide.'
  36. 'Ryan closed his eyes, fighting tears of frustration.'
  37. 'Finally Weaver stopped fighting her feelings and settled into the new relationship.'
  38. 'She fought feelings of depression as she watched her son and husband living a life separate from the one she was forced to maintain.'
  39. 'He looked around, biting his lip, fighting a rising feeling of anxiety.'
  40. 'she watched him fight his way across the room'
  41. 'We fought our way through the crowd and ran for our lives to the docks.'
  42. 'You fought your way through the crowds to get it, just for this moment.'
  43. 'After he fought his way through the crowd, he scanned the emergency room for his brother.'
  44. 'You could easily get a black eye fighting your way through that crowd.'
  45. 'You'll have to fight your way through the male crowd to even get close to a TV set.'
  46. 'Like last year, Martin Tomczyk fought his way forward from position 14 on the grid to fifth place.'
  47. 'At a circuit on which overtaking is extremely difficult, the Swede from Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline fought his way forward from fifth position on the grid to second place.'
  48. 'Two other pilgrims from India joined us and together we fought our way through the dense crowd.'
  49. 'When the couple left we had to fight our way through the crowds to get to the blessing for 1pm.'
  50. 'I fought my way forward, one hand tugging him onwards, the other pinning my hat to my head.'


A violent confrontation or struggle.
  1. 'According to police and prosecutors, the two got into a fight after she told him he should be committed to a mental hospital.'
  2. 'It says here that you once got into a fight with a construction worker back in college.'
  3. 'I went to a skatepark and I almost got into a fight because this guy thought he skated way better than me.'
  4. 'Somewhere between Colorado and New Mexico he got into a fight with an irate florist.'
  5. 'During soccer matches, fights often break out between rival supporters.'
  6. 'Normally people didn't last this long when they got into a fight with him.'
  7. 'He eventually got into a fight with some of the kids because he thought they were not giving him enough money.'
  8. 'Another time everything was going fine in America until he got into a fight with a Columbian man and once more was deported.'
  9. 'At one point she got into a fight with an older woman who was dealing on the corner and refused to move along.'
  10. 'Her right arm is in bandages after she got into a fight at a nightclub with a crazed fan.'
  11. 'The only time he was ever shook or stopped were in his fights with Holmes and Tyson.'
  12. 'He had won 18 fights in a row since turning professional after winning Olympic light-heavyweight gold in Rome.'
  13. 'Although 35 years is not considered old in this division, he knows his battle to secure fights might force him to hang up his gloves.'
  14. 'This year will also witness the last fights of boxing legend Lennox Lewis.'
  15. 'It was testament to his courage and fighting spirit that the champion finished the fight on his feet.'
  16. 'The city of Memphis put on a heavyweight title fight with class and no problems.'
  17. 'Occasional boxing fans want to watch high-profile heavyweight fights and he reels them in.'
  18. 'He wasn't able to land with much power and his newborn boxing style was a bit dry throughout the fight.'
  19. 'They have become champions in big fights and then fell by the wayside afterwards.'
  20. 'This was his last hurrah but even today, he still stays in the boxing games by refereeing fights in Ohio.'
  21. 'Britain might have given up her fight against Germany'
  22. 'There were casualties in wars, battles, fights; He knew and understood this.'
  23. 'Every combatant there went into the arena in full battle gear for a fight to death or surrender.'
  24. 'The two shared their ideas on battles and fights and the results came up with a quite an interesting effect.'
  25. 'a long fight against cancer'
  26. 'It's the fight for democracy, it's the fight for pluralism and for greater tolerance.'
  27. 'But Mr Aldred said he will never give up in his fight for justice.'
  28. 'I also know the people of the Vale and surmised they wouldn't be giving up their local boxing club without a fight.'
  29. 'He focuses his energies on the fight against corruption - the incubator of evil.'
  30. 'They see their fight as being a battle to secure a birthright, they are adamant that they will not be denied.'
  31. 'The fight for the hearts and minds of Canadians will certainly continue.'
  32. 'This is a fight for the heart and soul of the federal judiciary, and, for that matter, the rule of law.'
  33. 'Yet, in many ways, this fight resembles the struggle against communism in the last century.'
  34. 'A mother dying from cancer has lost her fight for life and the chance to see her imprisoned son for the first time in three years.'
  35. 'She is portrayed as a single-handed crusader in the fight against drugs.'
  36. 'Whether he, too, was tired of the tedium of fights and arguments between the two of them, or whether his guilt had simply caught up with him, he was trying to end things on good terms.'
  37. 'The last time we had been at Lava, Beth and I kind of got into a fight with Tina, well more of a verbal fight.'
  38. 'It then occurred to her that she was running away just like she used to do whenever she got into a fight with her parents.'
  39. 'And, you know, like any normal couple, we have our fights and arguments and disagreements.'
  40. 'I had pilfered a nice, juicy mango and was about to eat it when some guy got into a fight with me about who should own it.'
  41. 'There was no screaming custody battle, no fights over who owned what.'
  42. 'It has become a very public fight between Sir Ronnie and Mrs O'Loan over who is right and who is wrong.'
  43. 'Well, John had heard about me asking Aimee out, and he thought that she was cheating on him and they got into a fight.'
  44. 'I love the people I have around me even with all the fights and arguments that we have.'
  45. 'We got into a fight at the end of freshman year, and it carried a little into the summer.'
  46. 'Ginny felt the fight trickle out of her'
  47. 'They all start off with a bit of fight in them, you know the old total lack of respect and total disdain for the law.'
  48. 'I realised that I had no fight left in me, no strength left to challenge what was being said.'
  49. 'By late October, they were being hailed for their spirit and fight.'
  50. 'The old Kendal was back on Sunday with a bit of fight, confidence and quality in our performance.'

More definitions

1. a battle or combat.

2. any contest or struggle: a fight for recovery from an illness.

3. an angry argument or disagreement: Whenever we discuss politics, we end up in a fight.

4. Boxing. a bout or contest.

5. a game or diversion in which the participants hit or pelt each other with something harmless: a pillow fight; a water fight.

6. ability, will, or inclination to fight: There was no fight left in him. verb (used without object), fought, fighting.

7. to engage in bat

More examples(as adjective)

"candidates can be fight in congresses."

"places can be fight in defences."

"places can be fight in battles."

"warriors can be fight with freedoms."

"warriors can be fight with comforts."

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Old English feohtan (verb), feoht(e), gefeoht (noun), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vechten, gevecht and German fechten, Gefecht.


fight someone/something off