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Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.
  1. 'The various obligations of a fiduciary merely reflect different aspects of his core duties of loyalty and fidelity.'
  2. 'I suppose my own lingering belief in some fidelity to the subject at hand as a mandate for teachers has always caused me to worry about overpersonalizing what I teach.'
  3. 'The Democrat Party, which had hitherto taken the notion of a ‘loyal opposition’ to extremes of patriotic fidelity, has also now broken ranks with a battered White House.'
  4. 'To demonstrate fidelity to the deceased family member, a band of wind and percussion instruments is often present to perform both traditional and popular music.'
  5. 'A covenant is more binding because it is not predicated on interest, but instead on loyalty, fidelity and holding together.'
  6. 'Three types of territoriality were recognized according to the defense rate and degree of fidelity to the foraging site.'
  7. 'First, there is an implied term that the employee will serve the employer with loyalty and fidelity.'
  8. 'Both male and female adult polar bears captured in Manitoba and Ontario showed a high degree of fidelity over time to locations on shore.'
  9. 'Instead, any impulse for transparent dialogue is ritually displaced into domestic disputes about matters such as fidelity to the nation state during times of conflict.'
  10. 'Muldoon's fidelity to his beliefs was considerable, but came to be compromised.'
  11. 'People's attitudes to sexual fidelity vary widely.'
  12. 'Sexual fidelity, marriage, contraception, the Bible, all good.'
  13. 'The aspect of marriage that strikes me as most relevant to homosexual couples (especially men) is the promise of sexual fidelity.'
  14. 'Is sexual fidelity simply an elaborate social contract to keep the peace?'
  15. 'Of course, sexual intimacy and fidelity between the sexes can be frustrating and exhausting, and particularly in a society which is increasingly predicated on other values.'
  16. 'Generally, a husband and wife owe one another duties of mutual respect, fidelity and support.'
  17. 'In fact, the history of AIDS in Uganda supports the Church's belief that abstinence and fidelity within marriage are actually the best ways to fight AIDS.'
  18. 'Relationship experiences included status, selectiveness with partners, importance of steady partners, fidelity, and communication.'
  19. 'With the decline in traditional patriarchy came a more virulent emphasis on female sexual fidelity and greater idealization of family harmony.'
  20. 'The study also revealed that only 7 couples had actually maintained sexual fidelity and none of the seven had been together more than 5 years.'
The degree of exactness with which something is copied or reproduced.
  1. 'Audio is Dolby Digital two-channel mono, with reasonable fidelity and a high degree of clarity.'
  2. 'When you have a repertoire of moves, you have fidelity in copying.'
  3. 'For all that we now quest for absolute fidelity in recordings, I like the comforting scratch of an old record.'
  4. 'It is a method for maximizing fidelity and dynamic range for a region of interest within a digitized medical image display.'
  5. 'It would be unreasonable to expect a soundcard costing a few hundred dollars to approach the audio fidelity of a home system costing several times that amount.'
  6. 'The sound has apparently been cleaned up substantially and given the limited degree of fidelity, does a fine job conveying both the dialogue and the rather hypnotic background music.'
  7. 'The difference in audio fidelity between the iTunes options and WMA is quite striking to anyone with a decent pair of ears.'
  8. 'The result is maximum fidelity: a picture whose clarity, brilliance and color must be seen to be believed.'
  9. 'Dynamic range and fidelity are limited by the source elements, but the sound does what is expected of it.'
  10. 'It may even be possible for MP3 players to save energy by playing tunes at a slightly lower fidelity without a noticeable change in audio quality.'

More definitions

1. strict observance of promises, duties, etc.: a servant's fidelity.

2. loyalty: fidelity to one's country.

3. conjugal faithfulness.

4. adherence to fact or detail.

5. accuracy; exactness: The speech was transcribed with great fidelity.

6. Audio, Video. the degree of accuracy with which sound or images are recorded or reproduced.

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"investments can be fidelity."

"funds can be fidelity."

"approvals can be fidelity."


Late Middle English: from Old French fidelite or Latin fidelitas, from fidelis ‘faithful’, from fides ‘faith’. Compare with fealty.