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(of soil or land) producing or capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops.
  1. 'Green mountains, winding creeks and fertile land make for a lyrical and carefree life.'
  2. 'Its a fertile land which needs a lot of irrigation - there are great rivers in Zambia such as the Zambezi.'
  3. 'Generations of Australian schoolchildren have been taught that McMillan was a trailblazing settler, the first to cross the Snowy Mountains, opening up the fertile lands beyond.'
  4. 'Malaria has been eradicated and the Hule has become one of the breadbaskets of Israel, acre upon acre of fertile land abundant with fruit and grain and garden crops.'
  5. 'This is part of a three-year scheme to relocate over 2 million people from the drought-prone areas to the relatively unpopulated fertile lands in the south and west.'
  6. 'So has the advance of the Sahara Desert by an estimated 10 km a year, increasing competition for remaining fertile land.'
  7. 'Andhra Pradesh officials are currently touring east Africa, where some governments are ready to welcome Indian farmers to till vacant fertile lands.'
  8. 'By using the Catholic Church as his compost heap, Carrera has planted in fertile ground the seeds of a story that has universal implications.'
  9. 'The once fertile land of Egypt is now being ruined by the proliferation of brick, stone and concrete.'
  10. 'Abundant rainfall and very fertile soils have made Gusiiland one of the most productive agricultural areas in Kenya.'
  11. 'her fertile imagination'
  12. 'So it's all just a product of our really fertile imaginations (coming up with this plotline was a collective effort, as you will see if you go to my bio).'
  13. 'With a fertile imagination, you will produce something creative and that will make you popular.'
  14. 'His mind was so fertile in ideas and analogies, his quest for precision so exacting that, even if he had been able to complete his revision, it is unlikely that he would ever have been satisfied with it.'
  15. 'Apart from the stoic traditional perspective that purists hold, it is the fertile imagination of artistes that brings about a fresh outlook to a customary concept.'
  16. 'Peimer's creative imagination remains fertile as ever; she continues to prove herself a true master of songcraft.'
  17. 'These characters are all part of Kamen's fertile imagination as he invented all of these roles.'
  18. 'It is from this very imagination of some fertile minds that various religious texts, rituals and ideas have sprouted.'
  19. 'Fame & Fortune: Writer cashes in on fertile imagination.'
  20. 'The painting is replete with colourful animals and childlike forms, all products of Dixon's fertile imagination.'
  21. 'There seems to be an endless stream of business ideas flowing from the fertile brain of Sir Iain Noble.'
  22. 'Her eyes light up as she imagines some of the fertile opportunities that still lie fallow.'
  23. 'The lake, however, has become a fertile subject of debate for joggers and authorities, who blame each other for the decaying of the water body.'
  24. 'There is the fertile possibility of meaning within this gruesome mockumentary.'
  25. 'When Chester accepted the invitation to go to the University of Kentucky, it put our family in a fertile situation where we could grow individually and as a family.'
  26. 'They have suggested a sinister network where child molesters passed the word around that the schools were fertile areas for their activities.'
  27. 'Indeed, the Web provides a fertile opportunity for innovation and definition.'
(of a person, animal, or plant) able to conceive young or produce seed.
  1. 'As long as the birds were fertile and sang happily, Cypriot Turks maintained hope that they would one day regain their freedom.'
  2. 'It's in our biology to seek out young and fertile creatures.'
  3. 'These garlics still produce a flower stalk but rather than bearing fertile flowers, the stalk ends in an aboveground capsule containing small cloves or bulbils.'
  4. 'Since female mice are fertile for more than a year, their ovaries had to be generating new oocytes, the scientists reasoned.'
  5. 'Another important difference between plant and animal cells is that a complete, fertile plant can develop from a single somatic cell and not just from a fertilized egg.'
  6. 'The advantage is that we are breeding from our most fertile cows.'
  7. 'Plants do not produce viable seeds for 20 to 30 years, but individual trees can remain fertile for more than 1000 years.'
  8. 'Identifying the most fertile cows could help producers achieve higher pregnancy rates in their herds and make their operations more efficient.'
  9. 'The right season for crab and hot pot is autumn and winter, when crabs are fertile and plump with a tight texture and hot pot dispels the chill.'
  10. 'Let us take a walk through this field of fertile fungi simply to see what there is by way of anatomy.'
  11. 'These are growing trees whose seeds are fertile.'
  12. 'Finally, they were given a fertile egg that needed care to hatch.'
  13. 'The female turtles can only lay a maximum of three fertile eggs at a time - three times less than green sea turtles.'
  14. 'The adults I believe will be ready to produce fertile eggs in about a month.'
  15. 'He also exploited the fertile egg in ways that nobody had ever thought of using it before.'
  16. 'For fertile eggs that have hatched, only the outer shell of the chorion remains, while unhatched eggs appear full with the embryo still inside the chorion.'
  17. 'The left and right bars of each pair represent infertile and fertile eggs, respectively.'
  18. 'Some of my favorite duck hens were getting older though, so I had to reconsider artificial incubation for any fertile eggs they laid.'
  19. 'A local flock, an exotic bird auction, or a swap meet all can be good sources of fertile eggs.'
  20. 'A total number of 1000 seeds were randomly selected from each of the replicates, given that O. rufipogon usually produces limited fertile seeds.'
  21. 'It does not contain fissile or fertile nuclear materials; therefore, there is no risk of nuclear proliferation.'


1. bearing, producing, or capable of producing vegetation, crops, etc., abundantly; prolific: fertile soil.

2. bearing or capable of bearing offspring.

3. abundantly productive: a fertile imagination.

4. producing an abundance (usually followed by of or in): a land fertile of wheat.

5. conducive to productiveness: fertile showers.

6. Biology. fertilized, as an egg or ovum; fecundated. capable of growth or development, as seeds or eggs.

7. Botany. capable of producin

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"valleys can be fertile with areas."

"selections can be fertile of rivals."

"people can be fertile for twos."

"people can be fertile for centuries."

"lands can be fertile in zones."

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Late Middle English: via French from Latin fertilis, from ferre ‘to bear’.