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(chiefly of metals) containing or consisting of iron.
  1. 'Except for aluminium and ferrous metal such as steel, the prices for most recyclable materials rests at the bottom of their historical ranges.'
  2. 'It was their first firearm to take centerfire, reloadable cartridges, and it was their first firearm to use ferrous metal for the receiver.'
  3. 'Good markets for ferrous metals, as well as copper and brass, have existed for years.'
Of iron with a valency of two; of iron(II).
  1. 'Chemically, Strain 121's respiration process reduces ferric iron to ferrous iron and forms the mineral magnetite, the source of most of the magnetic material deposited on Earth some two billion years ago.'
  2. 'The ability of wetland plants to flourish in environments with high Fe concentrations has been attributed to the oxidation of soluble ferrous iron to insoluble ferric iron in the rhizosphere.'


1. of or containing iron, especially in the bivalent state.

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"metals can be ferrous."

"metallurgies can be ferrous."

"scraps can be ferrous."

"products can be ferrous."

"prices can be ferrous."

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Mid 19th century: from Latin ferrum ‘iron’ + -ous.