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Lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness.
  1. 'Protagonists are helpless and feeble, benighted, physically weak and powerless.'
  2. 'They have already cast an evil spell over the weak and feeble King Henry.'
  3. 'Our sin makes us feeble and craven, and we long to flee from the liberty of the sons of God; but where now can we go?'
  4. 'He cries weakly, the effort clearly straining his feeble body.'
  5. 'She tried to pull it open even though she knew that there was no way it was going to come open by her feeble strength.'
  6. 'Today this peerless coach lies feeble and weak wanting assistance to meet his illness.'
  7. 'But I'm convinced that what it releases is just my feeble reservoir of strength.'
  8. 'Occasionally she would have a fit of coughing, her body's very feeble last attempts at expelling her illness.'
  9. 'Sometimes the pills make me feel faint and feeble.'
  10. 'She looks so weak and feeble from all her depression, but there's a strength in her now that was never there before.'
  11. 'her feeble cries of pain'
  12. 'He didn't realize how much it hurt until I gave out a feeble cry.'
  13. 'The mother made me literally force-feed him, shoving puréed food into his mouth as he cried piteously in feeble protest.'
  14. 'There was a distinct amount of light filtering around the blinds and, through the window, the first feeble sounds of the dawn chorus.'
  15. 'It was surprising how feeble Wills's replies sounded.'
  16. 'With a feeble murmur her head drooped backward from a sudden spell of dizziness.'
  17. 'A little head peeped out of the broken egg, making a feeble sound.'
  18. 'I know it's feeble but I've never been one to stand up for myself'
  19. 'Much of what constitutes educative efforts in Christian communities today is bland, feeble, and ineffectual.'
  20. 'Until recently, the concern had been that the recovery in the euro zone was so pallid and feeble that the big euro zone economies could not take a rate increase.'
  21. 'Other performers, again, are remarkable for vivacity of action and elocution, who nevertheless are felt to be feeble and ineffective in rousing an audience to emotion.'
  22. 'His feeble attempt to strengthen the government's image failed.'
  23. 'For a representative of a party caricatured for being rather feeble and spineless, he has been strikingly resolute throughout the crisis.'
  24. 'The limp untheatricality and stale visual aesthetic of the production are feeble responses to the elemental power and ecstatic lyricism of Wagner's score.'
  25. 'The independent counsel's unprecedented challenge to the presidency evoked the most feeble and cowardly response from these quarters.'
  26. 'It may have been too early to celebrate a nascent political vitality that remains, for now, too feeble and limited to convince that democracy is finally within our grasp.'
  27. 'a feeble excuse'
  28. 'I didn't want to ask to sleep next to her because the words sounded feeble in my head, like a child was saying them.'
  29. 'You'd end up writing a very pale and feeble imitation of a novel if you did that.'
  30. 'We were always agreed, in good Augustinian fashion, that in a fallen world our best is but a faint intimation of, a feeble gesture toward, what ought to be.'
  31. 'However, those campaigns were no more than the feeble shouting of the weak, and did not impact the security and interests of other countries.'
  32. 'But the comedy is slack, the song lyrics feeble, the pace torpid.'
  33. 'Anyway, on top of that well, I started getting these - I suppose ‘bad vibes’ is all I can describe them as, but that sounds so feeble.'
  34. 'Nor are they convinced by the administration's decision on Wednesday to lower the terror alert from orange to yellow, a rather feeble attempt to demonstrate the wisdom of this war.'
  35. 'As my physics teacher wrote of my feeble efforts, years ago, ‘You can do better than this.’'
  36. 'I could tell you that I only cry when I'm very sad or hurt, but those are feeble excuses, inadequate reasons for condoning my shameful crime.'
  37. 'But of course, we all know that this feeble rubbish is only a weak-kneed attempt to be amusing.'


1. physically weak, as from age or sickness; frail.

2. weak intellectually or morally: a feeble mind.

3. lacking in volume, loudness, brightness, distinctness, etc.: a feeble voice; feeble light.

4. lacking in force, strength, or effectiveness: feeble resistance; feeble arguments.

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"options can be feeble in/at/on times."

"recoveries can be feeble amid volumes."

"people can be feeble to people."

"people can be feeble for commands."

"indexes can be feeble since starts."

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Middle English: from Old French fieble, earlier fleible, from Latin flebilis ‘lamentable’, from flere ‘weep’.