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Showing a lack of fear.
  1. 'He is one of the fastest players and most fearless hitters on the team, even at a mere 195 pounds.'
  2. 'Be fearless and unafraid because really, you're only going to meet yourself.'
  3. 'She is my favorite author because she was so challenging, so fearless, so intelligent.'
  4. 'Gertrude was brought up to be physically fearless and intellectually confident.'
  5. 'Their fearless willingness to sacrifice their lives made them deadly killing machines.'
  6. 'These fish were fearless in their journey upstream, and no pesky tourists were going to perturb them.'
  7. 'A fearless person could not be courageous, because courage is all about the mind dominating fear.'
  8. 'You are fearless in that you do things that may cause you or another harm.'
  9. 'It is compassionate, frank, courageous, plain, fearless and confident.'
  10. 'The best antidote to error is the full and fearless proclamation of the truth.'
  11. 'Our fearless comedians, who strive every year to find new taboos to breach, are scared of breaching the only one that matters today.'
  12. 'Everything he did demonstrated his fearless approach to a game he makes look easy.'
  13. 'I look forward, in the interests of justice and fearless investigative journalism, to future exposés.'
  14. 'As before, they expressed no worry; it seemed foolish of them to be so fearless.'
  15. 'This is a show in which our fearless heroine encounters an army of female super-robots!'
  16. 'Only those who think they are brave and fearless will be allowed entry into what will be the spookiest house in the midlands on the day.'
  17. 'What does this reveal about their stance as fearless truth-tellers always prepared to rebut the lies of the corporate press?'
  18. 'Although all are fearless runners, none is instinctive enough to anticipate running lanes.'
  19. 'Both men were fearless practitioners of their art - except when it came to one act.'
  20. 'That figure is fearless, whether in the face of the enemy or of death itself.'


1. without fear; bold or brave; intrepid.

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"people can be fearless in places."

"people can be fearless in ways."

"people can be fearless in wartimes."

"people can be fearless in things."

"people can be fearless in messages."

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