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An exact copy of a document made by electronic scanning and transmitted as data by telecommunications links.
  1. 'We will be able to deal with e-mail contact, electronic faxes and text messages from a mobile phone.'
  2. 'You will also be able to conduct conference calls, receive voice mail, send faxes and check e-mail.'
  3. 'Curiously enough, all this proselytising activity is funded by sending out junk faxes to businesses in the UK.'
  4. 'Over 13,500 of you sent faxes to your senators.'
  5. 'This time, I sent copies of my faxes to high-ranking Forestry administrators in Jakarta.'
  6. 'The penalty for each unsolicited fax is the greater of $500 or your actual damages.'
  7. 'You can support their protest by sending faxes or calling the interior minister.'
  8. 'I've signed the petitions, written letters, sent faxes and emails, and I'm ready.'
  9. 'If the reporter needs to rewrite or edit the release, it is much easier to edit an electronic message than to retype a fax or a hard copy of the release.'
  10. 'On more than 400 occasions the company violated regulations which forbid companies from sending junk faxes.'
  11. 'he received the report by fax'
  12. 'But the site is secure and accepts orders on-line, by fax, or by phone.'
  13. 'I process one application, only to find another's just arrived by fax.'
  14. 'Most of China's call centres now provide 24-hour continuous service and provide voice IP, email, fax, text and video IP services.'
  15. 'The fax transmission details indicate that the document was faxed at 4.34 pm on 12 October.'
  16. 'In those days, the tools at a marketer's disposal included direct mail, fax, phone and interactive television.'
  17. 'The Call Recorder Archive software can be used to view recorded fax transmissions.'
  18. 'In the old days it was all done on paper: Scouts would send in reports from games in the field by mail or fax, and the reports would be filed into thick binders.'
  19. 'Enforced by the FTC, the Mail or Telephone Order Rule applies to orders placed by phone, fax or the Internet.'
  20. 'Along with store-and-forward fax transmission and streamed voice mail, IVR sessions can be treated as data applications.'
  21. 'The Air Force and Park Service are accepting comments by mail, fax, voice mall, or e-mail through March 7.'
  22. 'Some of these media, such as the fax machine and the telephone, are direct.'
  23. 'It is a type of online services that provide subscribers with the ability to send and receive faxes without a fax machine.'
  24. 'All of a sudden, the fax machine beeped and the document printed out.'
  25. 'Till now, you had to own a special machine - a fax machine, which was only made to send and receive faxes.'
  26. 'Does any hardware device feel slower or clunkier than the fax machine?'
  27. 'The cardboard boxes that the fax machine, printer, and computer had come in were still piled up along one wall.'
  28. 'So I just unhooked it from the computer and hooked it into the fax machine.'
  29. 'The bad news is that they seem to be swimming in data generated by virtually everyone with a telephone, a computer or a fax machine.'
  30. 'So if you don't buy a filter for every phone on the line, your calls will sound like an angry duel between a fax machine and a modem.'
  31. 'The double-ring sounded; the fax machine answered, and all was right with the world.'


Send (a document) by fax.
  1. 'Permission must also be sought from immigration headquarters in Bangkok which requires many documents to be faxed back and forth.'
  2. 'We then faxed the information to the inspector.'
  3. 'Most network management software will also allow you to fax documents from the desktop as well.'
  4. 'The customer might then be asked to fax a copy of his driving licence and a utility bill.'
  5. 'Please fax or e-mail a resume and cover letter stating your interest.'
  6. 'Another time I had to fax a document when my client needed a signature.'
  7. 'Members would be e-mailed or faxed government consultation documents, policy papers and press releases.'
  8. 'The document was then faxed through to the Indian authorities via Interpol.'
  9. 'You'll have to go to your office and fax the documents from there.'
  10. 'A second questionnaire was faxed two weeks after the first questionnaire.'
  11. 'to obtain a brochure fax the agent'
  12. 'I was faxing him from my home to his home - we didn't have our secretaries involved.'
  13. 'People should write to their MP rather than fax him.'
  14. 'If you haven't faxed your member of Congress in support of the bill, please do so today.'
  15. 'And the chief of police of Ft. Bragg faxed us this morning that they have just made an arrest in a murder up there.'
  16. 'A compromise bill would have limited the time frame to 48 hours in which a company would be allowed to fax someone after a verbal request, but the bill was passed via committee with the time limit being seven years.'
  17. 'This can be a big problem especially when some less than honest fax marketing companies have been known to fake phone logs to pretend they had permission to fax people.'
  18. 'He kindly faxed David the list of who voted for and against the bill.'
  19. 'The customer initiates an expression of interest by filling out something on the Web site or faxing us.'
  20. 'I got a good response from her when I faxed her, but I also went to meet her face to face once.'

plural noun

Non-standard spelling of ‘facts’

    More definitions

    1. facsimile (def 2). adjective

    2. facsimile (def 5). verb (used with object)

    3. to transmit a facsimile of (printed matter, photographs, or the like) electronically: Fax the information to all our branch offices.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "viewers can be fax."

    "notices can be fax."

    "cultures can be fax."


    1940s: abbreviation of facsimile.