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Treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination.
  1. 'a fairer distribution of wealth'
  2. 'He said the company's internal disciplinary hearings procedure have been found by the Labour Court to be fair and proper.'
  3. 'It is impossible, with the best of wills to conduct free and fair elections under occupation with a war of attrition taking place between rebels and occupiers.'
  4. 'Lawyers will claim that the system is so corrupt that it breaches obligations under the European convention on human rights to hold free and fair elections.'
  5. 'Free and fair elections also include a well-informed electorate.'
  6. 'Was this a free and fair election to the best of your information?'
  7. 'But how do you have free and fair elections under an occupation, under a foreign occupation?'
  8. 'Free and fair elections look a near impossibility.'
  9. 'The EC announced elections to be held now on December 10 after it was satisfied that now free and fair elections can be held.'
  10. 'The parliamentary election last May was recognized as generally fair by international observers.'
  11. 'It has no independent political parties, no free and fair elections, and no independent news media.'
  12. 'it's not fair to take it out on her'
  13. 'She said she wanted to be fair but also avoid litigation.'
  14. 'Now to be fair to therapists, I don't know whether my therapist Linda was a bad one, or if she was just fine and just not the right one for me.'
  15. 'To be fair, civilians often underestimate the stress that military service places on one's personal life.'
  16. 'They would need to be fair and reasonable, and the fees would need to provide the board with adequate funding.'
  17. 'The judges said they found the commission's decision to be fair and reasonable.'
  18. 'The law governing shoppers' rights requires consumers to be fair and reasonable in their expectations.'
  19. 'There are a set of rules that the Congress and the department have worked out over years that are assumed to be fair and reasonable.'
  20. 'However, he wants to be fair to you and for that reason wishes to set up a mechanism whereby repayment of your investment can be effected.'
  21. 'I have generally found the vast majority to be fair and reasonable, and far from hostile.'
  22. 'try first by fair means'
(of hair or complexion) light; blonde.
  1. 'Berry shades for example suit olive skins, while reds with pinkish undertones work best on those with fair complexions and fair hair.'
  2. 'His short black hair matched the jacket and provided a contrast to his fair complexion.'
  3. 'She had waist length brown hair, with hazel eyes, high cheekbones and a fair complexion.'
  4. 'He was short and thin, with fair hair and a light sprinkle of freckles on his nose.'
  5. 'Coren pointed to the tallest guy, who had very fair skin, platinum blonde hair, and very dark black eyes.'
  6. 'She was pretty, with blonde hair and fair skin, but her eyes seemed distant, if worried.'
  7. 'The morning sunlight cast golden shades on her father's fair hair, picking out the silvering strands.'
  8. 'Finally, bold colors tend to be unflattering on men with fair hair and light skin.'
  9. 'Morgan and Basil were both under the light, their fair hair standing out like beacons in a fog.'
  10. 'The male is white, in his 20s, 5ft 4in tall, with fair hair and a pale complexion.'
  11. 'he's very fair with blue eyes'
  12. 'Jessica is tanned and has shoulder-length brown hair while Holly is fair and has blonde hair.'
  13. 'The fair women seem to have a layer of light hiding beneath their skin.'
  14. 'At Singhpora, as I sat in the booth, a tall, fair young man entered, got himself ink-marked but begged not to be forced to vote.'
Considerable though not outstanding in size or amount.
  1. 'I did it very quickly, though I'd given a fair amount of consideration to each award in the recent weeks.'
  2. 'As a student, I did a fair amount of acting with the university dramatic society.'
  3. 'I get a fair amount of spam that is clearly illegal already under the rules governing fraud.'
  4. 'The good news is that with a little bit of cash, a lot of imagination and a fair amount of hard work you can transform your bathroom into a room of which you can be proud.'
  5. 'There is a fair amount of speckling, a bit of debris, and some grain in evidence, but no edge effects.'
  6. 'She looked up at him, seeing as he was a fair amount taller than her, and smirked a bit.'
  7. 'I wrote quite a bit, and I took a fair amount of pictures, some of which I've shown, and some of which have been published in different places.'
  8. 'To get a solid image, it's important to have a fair amount of paint on the stamp.'
  9. 'As one who's had to read a fair number of toddler books over the past years, I'll always have a soft spot for this one.'
  10. 'They performed a few jumps, flips and a fair amount of swimming, just visible to the naked eye.'
  11. 'he believes he has a fair chance of success'
  12. 'Everybody should have a fair chance and succeed or fail at it.'
  13. 'Children born in one of the industrialized countries have a fair chance of reaching an average 78 years of age.'
  14. 'There's a fair chance they will have been air-freighted in from Africa or South America, at an unsustainable cost to the environment.'
  15. 'Where plants have been flooded or forced to stand for many days in waterlogged soil, there is a fair chance that some root damage will have resulted.'
  16. 'This situation would apply at least until the end of 2006 and it seems to have a fair chance of acceptance and implementation.'
  17. 'If school choice is given a fair chance, its success or failure should be determined by results.'
  18. 'That would be a great achievement, and one at which I have a fair chance of success.'
  19. 'I wanted to give the film a fair chance and I didn't feel like my opinions would be valid if I left before the end.'
  20. 'I think that there is here an argument, with a fair chance of success, that the claim here is different.'
  21. 'As there was nobody else about, there was a fair chance he was also waiting for the minibus to take us to one of Ecuador's many splendid lagunas.'
  22. 'The fair fool Noel has taken a week-long fancy to me, and I am making an age-long fool of him.'
(of weather) fine and dry.
  1. 'In fair weather, she could quite happily sit for hours amongst her flowers.'
  2. 'She has been practising voraciously over the winter, and is determined to nail once and for all any accusation that she is a fair weather golfer.'
  3. 'Perhaps it's the fair weather and calm conditions which had undermined the Scottish contingent's tilt at the title.'
  4. 'Conversely, road rage is most likely to occur on Friday afternoons, in peak travel times and in fair weather.'
  5. 'You can forget all the cliches about fair weather and sunny days ahead for the founders of Intrallect.'
  6. 'Time is precious as olives can only harvest in fair weather, so everybody is allocated a job.'
  7. 'But Muriel, 65, always a keen walker, does not only step out in fair weather.'
  8. 'Johan Stander, a weather forecaster at the Cape Town weather office, said fair weather was expected until Thursday.'
  9. 'After all, the months of May to August have a reasonable chance of being fair.'
  10. 'Only fair weather and a buggy could tempt me, and, if a little food was involved, I think I could find a round of golf quite agreeable.'
  11. 'they set sail with a fair wind'
  12. 'Inevitably, in these conditions, the impetus to politics, given a fair wind, was bound to grow.'
  13. 'Anecdotally, the former journalist and television presenter has a fair wind behind her.'
  14. 'I wish it fair wind and every success on its journey - the project and the people deserve it, Bishop Murphy said.'
  15. 'The fair wind shows the watchmen on the walls a black fleet coming up the river.'
  16. 'As both relied on fair winds for their ocean travels, the bird was welcomed as a kindred spirit.'
  17. 'That's true even if the forecast is for sunny skies and fair winds.'
  18. 'My understanding is that with a fair wind behind him he may get a slightly bigger budget next time.'
  19. 'May a fair wind ever find you and ease the burdens of your day.'
  20. 'When it came to rounding up cattle, it was often said that you needed three things: a good man, a good horse and a fair wind.'
  1. 'Its silver reflection lay delicately on the calm, deep blue water, like the shimmering gown of a fair lady.'
  2. 'It gave a beautiful song in its fair voice, but in the middle of its song, it suddenly stopped.'
  3. 'Elves were once known, even by humans, to be a fair and beautiful race of species.'
  4. 'After a month of fair words Artois came away in April 1793 with a jewelled sword inscribed With God, for the King but no more tangible support.'


Without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage.
  1. 'I hate to put it that way, but in my book, you ought to go out there to play to win, but you ought to play fair, you have to play by the rules, and these are things you should learn as a kid.'
To a high degree.
  1. 'As you may imagine she was fair delighted, and thought how pleased the King would be when he came home and found that his dearest wish had been fulfilled.'


A beautiful woman.


    (of the weather) become fine.
    1. 'John Bowes, Mayor of Kirkbymoorside, said: ‘The weather faired up and the parade and service were both excellent.’'
    2. 'The weather faired, and our general caused our great pinnace to be made ready, and to row along the coast,'


    1. free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fair judge.

    2. legitimately sought, pursued, done, given, etc.; proper under the rules: a fair fight.

    3. moderately large; ample: a fair income.

    4. neither excellent nor poor; moderately or tolerably good: fair health.

    5. marked by favoring conditions; likely; promising: in a fair way to succeed.

    6. Meteorology. (of the sky) bright; sunny; cloudless to half-cloudy. (of the weather) fi

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