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Causing great enthusiasm and eagerness.
  1. 'His classroom and laboratory were magnets for obtaining new information and exciting field discoveries.'
  2. 'The mere presence of restaurants we can't get in to makes city life seem more exciting.'
  3. 'In this regard, we have an incredibly exciting opportunity.'
  4. 'Her name might have remained obscure if not for an exciting discovery in 1994.'
  5. 'The fourth race which was over the standard trip resulted in an exciting finish.'
  6. 'Camp was coming up soon and she now could not wait for the exciting adventure.'
  7. 'Dark and his colleagues ignored what I think are exciting contemporary castings.'
  8. 'Between about 1350 and 1500 miles into the trip things start to get a bit exciting.'
  9. 'Suddenly, as well as being incredibly scary, it all seems rather exciting.'
  10. 'Because it keeps my life exciting and challenging.'


1. producing excitement; stirring; thrilling: an exciting account of his trip to Tibet.

More examples(as adjective)

"mergers can be exciting in terms."

"mergers can be exciting on sides."

"mergers can be exciting on costs."

"products can be exciting in marketplaces."

"growths can be exciting as growths."

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