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Very enthusiastic and eager.
  1. 'the excited children'
  2. 'The guard looked at him and carried on scanning the crowds full of eager and excited tourists instead.'
  3. 'I was all excited and eager to go to Aikido, and I ended up being really quite late instead.'
  4. 'Attire aside, this woman was an astute observer and clearly excited and eager to take part in this research.'
  5. 'The Paralympic swimmer was surrounded by excited children eager to start playing on the specially designed multi-play area.'
  6. 'Amion was now excited and eager to tell Jordan everything she knew about the ship.'
  7. 'But whenever I did return Dad was always there at the airport, excited and eager to hear my news of the passengers and the exotic places I'd visited.'
  8. 'Chris was like an excited little boy, eager to show her everything, but as it is often the case the first course of business was to get through the queues before they could even get into the park.'
  9. 'The staff involved have been beaming and the enthusiasm is spreading and the pupils are really excited and proud of their school.'
  10. 'I was kind of excited at the prospect of bonding with other baby makers - finally, people who know what we're going through!'
  11. 'Nothing makes me more excited than the prospect of seeing Last Life in the Universe, for example, on the big screen.'
  12. 'Our breathing was quick and shallow, but this only made me more excited.'
  13. 'If she is not totally excited, it will be soft and very small.'
  14. 'This leads to an excited session of lovemaking with the school teacher, Ms. Schaefer.'
  15. 'In this experiment, we studied the effect of a sexually excited state on preference for and responsiveness to sexual stimuli.'
  16. 'Thank God I don't get sexually excited that easily is all I can say.'
  17. 'The situation in which forced intercourse was most accepted, was that in which the girl had sexually excited her date.'
  18. 'Even Bottrigari complained that the continued ban on masks made carnival ‘rather languid’ in contrast to the excited affair it usually was.'
Of or in an energy state higher than the normal or ground state.
  1. 'In water, the blue light comes from excited atoms that emit blue light.'
  2. 'The frequency of light emitted from atoms in an excited state is measured in emission spectroscopy.'
  3. 'Nuclear isomers are excited states that eventually decay to the ground state, mostly by gamma radiation.'
  4. 'The initial population distribution between the different states can be restored only by an exchange of energy between the excited nuclei and their environment.'
  5. 'In excited atoms, energy radiated as photons eventually leaks into the vast interstellar spaces and redshifts away.'
  6. 'By finding the energies of the excited states of a hydrogen atom, we can get an insight into the electromagnetic forces that bind it together.'
  7. 'These photons would continue to multiply as they interacted with additional excited atoms through the process of stimulated emission.'
  8. 'Similarly, vacuum fluctuations cause an excited atom to fall into its ground state.'
  9. 'If the energy is not efficiently used, the spins of the electrons in the excited state can rephase and give rise to a lower energy excited state: the chlorophyll triplet state.'
  10. 'Colors of light are related to the effects exerted on the valence electron of an excited atom.'


1. stirred emotionally; agitated: An excited crowd awaited the arrival of the famed rock group.

2. stimulated to activity; brisk: an excited buying and selling of stocks.

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"people can be excited about things."

"people can be excited about prospects."

"people can be excited about futures."

"places can be excited about things."

"people can be excited by rulings."

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