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A colourless volatile flammable liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars; alcohol.
  1. 'hybrid cars powered by ethanol and petrol are now outselling traditional petrol-engined vehicles in the country'
  2. 'The ethanol is oxidized first into an aldehyde and then to acetic acid by the oxygen in the atmosphere.'
  3. 'The world's other major biofuel is ethanol, a form of alcohol already widely used as a fuel additive.'
  4. 'Having another drink, the theory goes, makes the liver switch back to dealing with ethanol, easing the pain.'
  5. 'In vinegar this is acetic acid, i.e. the acid derived from the alcohol, ethanol.'
  6. 'He was found to have a concentration of 216 mg of ethanol in his blood.'
  7. 'The residual ethanol was evaporated by spreading out the solid on a sheet of filter paper.'
  8. 'The market for brandy and other products is already saturated so the wine will be turned into ethanol and other chemicals.'
  9. 'It is an additive used to make the ethanol produced undrinkable by people.'
  10. 'The ethanol used, contained butylated hydroxytoluene as an antioxidant.'
  11. 'The regime put in place has benefited and will continue to benefit a company that produces ethanol from grain.'

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1. alcohol (def 1).

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"producers can be ethanol."

"ends can be ethanol."


Early 20th century: blend of ethane and alcohol.