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Lasting or existing forever; without end.
  1. 'fear of eternal damnation'
  2. 'They claimed to have found the answer to eternal youth.'
  3. 'The texts are bound together with some hymns and the story of an errant monk whom the Virgin Mary saved from eternal damnation.'
  4. 'So if you thought of punching your little brother or owning all of the ice cream in the world, you were surely destined for an after life of eternal damnation.'
  5. 'Deeply saddened that neither way would save them from the approaching eternal damnation, she started to fix her things and go home.'
  6. 'Before he can finish his mission, he's caught by an archdeacon and told that the only way he can avoid eternal damnation is by raising the child as his own.'
  7. 'A Christian tells you that willful sin is open rebellion that will lead to eternal damnation unless you repent.'
  8. 'The idea of an omniscient, eternal, and infinite being, for example, could not be like anything the senses encountered.'
  9. 'The idea seems to be that while I have free will, I will nevertheless be punished with eternal and unspeakable suffering if I turn away from God.'
  10. 'At this time, believers and unbelievers would be judged and assigned to either eternal bliss or eternal damnation.'
  11. 'All substances occur in atomic form, each atom being eternal and indestructible.'
  12. 'It isn't a holiday when you're faced every day with the eternal question of ‘where shall we live?’'
  13. 'The loss of objectivity leads us to question the existence of eternal or perennial truths.'
  14. 'The eternal question is how I'm supposed to spend it.'
  15. 'But on the other hand, the eternal question is: can we blame these people for not bothering?'
  16. 'It's the eternal question - what would you do if money was no object?'
  17. 'Agreed, the perception of truth may vary from person to person, but there is always one eternal truth.'
  18. 'I guess it's the eternal question if you're doing your own site or weblog, though - and I've seen enough discussion of it on other people's sites.'
  19. 'Some things have eternal value, and compassion is one of them.'
  20. 'I, like many people, feel a need for the comfort of certainty and eternal truths, but that isn't what he and his ilk deliver.'
  21. 'He linked these themes to the eternal questions of what is love, what is the good life, and what death is.'
  22. 'eternal nagging demands'
  23. 'He readily admits mistakes were made before he joined but, like an eternal optimist, is eager today to find a silver lining in every cloud.'
  24. 'He waited eternal seconds as Jordan stared down at him.'
  25. 'They never became disenchanted; they were the eternal optimists.'
  26. 'The 61-year-old, still an eternal optimist, believes he can turn adversity to his advantage.'
  27. 'You would have had to have been one of life's eternal optimists to have entertained thoughts like those.'
  28. 'Perhaps I'm an eternal optimist, but I think these films have great impact.'
  29. 'I'll hand it to 'em, they're nothing if not the eternal optimists.'
  30. 'I am an eternal optimist, so I am going to hope that it gets better.'
  31. 'Only an eternal optimist could expect success in the second half.'
  32. 'So, for all of my introspection and depression, I suppose the eternal optimist inside me is not far from the surface.'
Used to emphasize expressions of admiration, gratitude, etc.
  1. 'I can't afford to pay anything, but you'll have my eternal gratitude and maybe I could knit you something.'
  2. 'But to the eternal credit of the losers, they never gave up.'
  3. 'To their eternal credit, the behaviour of all the crowds was excellent.'
  4. 'But to Michael's eternal credit he was both polite and friendly.'
  5. 'You both have our eternal admiration!'
  6. 'To Limerick's eternal credit they battled bravely, determinedly, and doggedly to the very end.'
  7. 'I don't expect eternal gratitude, or a formal thank you.'
  8. 'To Dungarvan's eternal credit they mounted a magnificent fight back when teams of lesser resolve would have folded.'
  9. 'To his eternal credit he returned almost every year to Clonegal to visit his mother while she was alive, and still considered Clonegal his home.'
  10. 'Parents accept this is not the fault of the doctors or nurses, who inspire loyalty and eternal gratitude for the excellent treatment children receive.'
Used to refer to an everlasting or universal spirit, as represented by God.
  1. 'The Eternal which resides in the atman should be known.'
  2. 'According to Irenaeus he claimed to have appeared in Samaria as the Father, in Judea as the Son, and among the heathen as the Holy Ghost, a manifestation of the Eternal.'
  3. 'It is the masculine aspect of the androgynous Eternal.'
  4. 'We are not to be distracted from our purpose, which is union with the Eternal, by becoming involved in what we today call ‘the rat race.’'


1. without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing (opposed to temporal): eternal life.

2. perpetual; ceaseless; endless: eternal quarreling; eternal chatter.

3. enduring; immutable: eternal principles.

4. Metaphysics. existing outside all relations of time; not subject to change. noun

5. something that is eternal.

6. the Eternal, God.

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"lives can be eternal in characters."

"hopes can be eternal in cambridges."

"capitals can be eternal."

"lives can be eternal."

"cities can be eternal."

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Late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin aeternalis, from Latin aeternus, from aevum ‘age’.


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