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A type of strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans.
  1. as modifier 'roadside espresso bars'
  2. 'As well as the usual range of coffees (starting with espressos for £1), there's an excellent range of cakes and pastries, a tapas menu and, in true coffee-house style, weekly acoustic music evenings.'
  3. 'The next morning, swathed in a towel and sipping coffee from my new espresso cups, life felt fine.'
  4. 'In the catering trade milk may be heated with a jet of superheated steam from an espresso machine, which makes it froth rather than form a skin.'
  5. 'My dad found his coffee beans and began measuring them into the espresso machine.'
  6. 'It's open early to serve late-morning cappuccinos and espressos.'
  7. 'They sipped their espressos and cappuccinos from the coffee shop next door that was practically part of the theatre.'
  8. 'Embarrassed now, I ordered two espressos from the girl at the counter.'
  9. 'They even managed to get an order for two coffees and two espressos wrong.'
  10. 'However, the little booth selling tickets also doubled as an espresso bar.'
  11. 'As the name of the place suggests, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee at the store - from filter coffee to cappuccino and espressos.'

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1. a strong coffee prepared by forcing live steam under pressure, or boiling water, through ground dark-roast coffee beans.

2. a cup of this coffee.

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"machines can be espresso."

"coffees can be espresso."

"products can be espresso."

"beans can be espresso."

"makers can be espresso."

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From Italian (caffè) espresso, literally ‘pressed out (coffee)’.