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A person, vehicle, or group accompanying another for protection or as a mark of rank.
  1. mass noun 'he was driven away under armed escort'
  2. 'With two campaign buses and three press buses, accompanied by motorcycle escorts and vehicles full of secret service snipers, there is an enormous sense of occasion.'
  3. 'The three men were accompanied by a doctor and put under escort by police during the flight back to Britain, their lawyers said.'
  4. 'The Defense Protective Service provided escorts and oversaw the moving of all classified material.'
  5. 'My wife and I were driven from Baghdad Airport under escort.'
  6. 'It said a group quickly gathered to block the vehicle, and military escorts present did little to intervene.'
  7. 'And - astonishingly - no armed escort or air protection was to be provided, the family members said.'
  8. 'So with 2 players in each car we were given an armed escort (one military police jeep at the front of the convoy and one at the back) straight to the hotel.'
  9. 'The trio are believed to have crossed the border into nearby Venezuela as soon as they shook off a heavy police escort that protected them on the journey from prison to the outskirts of Bogota.'
  10. 'Leon thinks companies should never let visitors in without escorts and should issue badges that clearly show someone is an outsider.'
  11. 'To my consternation, the Prime Minister's police escort was clearing all vehicles off the bus route so that the PM's entourage could speed down the middle of the road.'
  12. 'Next, my two bridesmaids and their escorts went down the aisle.'
  13. 'This time I was to be her date, her escort, her guest of honor.'
  14. as modifier 'an escort agency'
  15. 'Now she runs an escort agency bringing men and women together.'
  16. 'Students at Oxford and Cambridge are being recruited for a web-based escort agency, which will begin business by the end of this term.'
  17. 'Scotland has a growing market for professional male escorts, however uncultured types need not apply.'
  18. 'I can't vouch for the male escort agencies because I have never used them or visited them.'
  19. 'To keep the family off his back, Rahul hires an escort to pose as his new-found fiancée.'
  20. 'In it she plays Kat, a woman who discovers that the best man at her sister's wedding is an old boyfriend and, rather than arrive without a man, hires a male escort to be her date.'
  21. 'These escort agencies minimise the risk of prosecution by basing themselves online.'
  22. 'Flora Richards, an independent escort working out of Durham, ran an escort agency for two years, for which she could have been arrested.'
  23. 'In many part so the world escort agencies are illegal so they will market themselves under the guise of massage parlors or the like.'
  24. 'I guess that I still feel some disgust with the men who purchase sex, even though some of my male friends have hired escorts.'
  25. 'Then there are the high-class prostitutes who can work from home or work as escorts; they charge higher fees and can live a lavish lifestyle.'


Accompany (someone or something) somewhere as an escort.
  1. 'More recently, he was involved in escorting workers for reconstruction projects in Basra province.'
  2. 'Barlow was doing his duty by escorting him from the premises and he had certainly not kicked or stamped on the victim, he said.'
  3. 'Security personnel escorting the buses retaliated and prevented any civilian casualties.'
  4. 'It turned out we weren't leaving yet, because Mom was just escorting a family friend out.'
  5. 'Furthermore, last Saturday I was escorting a client who needed to be driven to town for shopping.'
  6. 'This can be anything from escorting a child to the toilet, tending to them if they are taken ill, or working with groups of pupils at breaks or lunchtime.'
  7. 'One of the highlights of his career was escorting the Queen and Prince Philip around the factory on a visit to York.'
  8. 'While they are both involved in court security duties, neither has since been involved in escorting prisoners.'
  9. 'Yet one of them was escorted under guard to Paris where he was freed, and not re-arrested by the French.'
  10. 'As the guards were escorting him from the station he refused to leave.'

More definitions

1. a group of persons, or a single person, accompanying another or others for protection, guidance, or courtesy: An escort of sailors accompanied the queen.

2. an armed guard, as a body of soldiers or ships: The president traveled with a large escort of motorcycle police.

3. a man or boy who accompanies a woman or girl in public, as to a social event.

4. protection, safeguard, or guidance on a journey: to travel without escort. verb (used with object)

5. to attend or accompany

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(escort)Late 16th century (originally denoting a body of armed men escorting travellers): from French escorte (noun), escorter (verb), from Italian scorta, feminine past participle of scorgere ‘to conduct, guide’, based on Latin ex- ‘out of’ + corrigere ‘set right’ (see correct).