Adjective "erroneously" definition and examples

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In a mistaken way; incorrectly.
  1. 'some erroneously believe the law will protect them'
  2. 'This bestselling novel was erroneously mistaken for historical fact.'
  3. 'It is far more important than popularity, which is erroneously considered a requirement for managing other people.'
  4. 'One of the most unpropitious decisions a performing arts company can erroneously make is to stage a production in an ill-suited venue.'
  5. 'Her paintings, for example, were not just created out of anguish, as the film erroneously suggests.'
  6. 'Instead they will erroneously describe these objects as being 12.25 to 12.5 billion light years distance, when in truth they are much further away!'

More definitions

1. containing error; mistaken; incorrect; wrong: an erroneous answer.

2. straying from what is moral, decent, proper, etc.

More examples(as adjective)

"photographs can be erroneously."