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Wrong; incorrect.
  1. 'Even if the award was somewhat low it could not in any way be said to be wholly erroneous or wrong in principle, he submits.'
  2. 'Of course it's always easy to look at others critically, make assumptions and proceed to erroneous conclusions.'
  3. 'Acting under this erroneous assumption, he passed on this alleged order to his company.'
  4. 'I hope that Mark's play is helping to change this erroneous perception.'
  5. 'As a matter of fact, yesterday there was an erroneous report that he had been arrested.'
  6. 'In addition, the chosen information was often misleading or erroneous.'
  7. 'Incorrect, difficult or erroneous readings must have been created over time by scribal error.'
  8. 'I read line after line of erroneous reporting, with the sole intention of discrediting a political candidate.'
  9. 'To interpret such sayings without understanding the Arabic and its eloquence and its context is an erroneous path.'
  10. 'We say that that contention is in fact erroneous because it asks the wrong question.'


1. containing error; mistaken; incorrect; wrong: an erroneous answer.

2. straying from what is moral, decent, proper, etc.

More examples(as adjective)

"informations can be erroneous."

"reports can be erroneous."

"datas can be erroneous."

"decisions can be erroneous."

"assumptions can be erroneous."

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Late Middle English: from Latin erroneus (from erro(n-) ‘vagabond’, from errare ‘to stray, err’) + -ous.